Koganov: “The Goal Is To Minimize Interpretations of Rules To Have More Objective Games” — Interview with FINA TWPC’s Vice President
August 19, 2018
Greece Edges Out Spain To Crown Unbeaten Run — World Men's Youth, Finals
Greece Edges Out Spain To Crown Unbeaten Run — World Men’s Youth, Finals
August 19, 2018
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[ASIAN GAMES 2018] Women’s Tournament, Day 3 — Japan Crushes Thailand, Kazakhstan Dominates Hong Kong

[ASIAN GAMES 2018] Women's Tournament, Day 3 — Japan Crushes Thailand, Kazakhstan Dominates Hong Kong

In the first match of the day, Kazakhstan crushed Hong Kong with 22:2. China followed with a glorious victory against Indonesia (20:4), and Japan made sure to keep Thailand low on the standings (19:5).

The match against Hong Kong was a triumph as Novikova Anna and Myrzabekova Zamira scored the most goals for Kazakhstan. Each of them added four goals to their list. They completely dominated all the quarters, leaving Hong Kong with no chance to even get close to their level.

This is their second victory on the 2018 Asian Games. Tomorrow they’ll play against the host of the tournament.

Arima Yumi and Inaba Akari were the top scorers on Japan’s side of the pool against Thailand. With 19 balls netted behind Thailand’s goalkeeper, they climbed to the second spot in the group standing.

The first place is still firmly held by China, who dominated over Indonesia. Two more days are to come, and we will see if the teams are going to be able to hold their positions.


Thursday 16th August

14:30[flag=jp] Japan15
[flag=id] Indonesia4
15:50[flag=th] Thailand19
[flag=hk] Hong Kong6

17:10[flag=cn] China11
[flag=kz] Kazakhstan4

Friday 17th August

14:30[flag=id] Indonesia9
[flag=hk] Hong Kong8
15:50[flag=kz] Kazakhstan13
[flag=th] Thailand4

17:10[flag=jp] Japan8
[flag=cn] China12

Sunday 19th August

14:30[flag=hk] Hong Kong2
[flag=kz] Kazakhstan22
15:50[flag=cn] China20
[flag=id] Indonesia4

17:10[flag=th] Thailand5
[flag=jp] Japan19

Further Program

Monday 20th August

14:30[flag=id] Indonesia
[flag=kz] Kazakhstan
15:50[flag=jp] Japan
[flag=hk] Hong Kong

17:10[flag=cn] China
[flag=th] Thailand

Tuesday 21st August

14:30[flag=th] Thailand
[flag=id] Indonesia
15:50[flag=hk] Hong Kong
[flag=cn] China

17:10[flag=kz] Kazakhstan
[flag=jp] Japan

Group Standings

Rank Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 [flag=cn] China 3 3 0 0 43 16 27 6
2 [flag=jp] Japan 3 2 0 1 42 21 21 4
2 [flag=kz] Kazakhstan 3 2 0 1 39 17 22 4
4 [flag=id] Indonesia 3 1 0 2 17 43 -26 2
4 [flag=th] Thailand 3 1 0 2 28 38 -10 2
6 [flag=hk] Hong Kong 3 0 0 3 16 50 -34 0

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