Berlin 2018, Day 1: Host Germany Defeats Runner-up to the World Champion Hungary
September 12, 2018
Berlin 2018, Day 2: German Team Wins Again
Berlin 2018, Day 2: German Team Wins Again
September 13, 2018
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LEN Women’s European U-19 Championships — Day 4 Results

LEN Women's European U-19 Championships — Day 4 Results

Photo: Pedro Vasconcelos

Day 4 of Women’s European U-19 Championships is over and the results are here. Stay tuned for more!

Match Results

Day Four (12th September)

12:00[flag=bg] Bulgaria8
[flag=pt] Portugal11
13:30[flag=sk] Slovakia11
[flag=ro] Romania5
15:00[flag=it] Italy20
[flag=de] Germany4

16:30[flag=fr] France11
[flag=cz] Czech Republic10
18:00[flag=il] Israel12
[flag=tr] Turkey3
19:30[flag=gr] Greece12
[flag=gb] Great Britain6

Day Three (11th September)

09:00[flag=es] Spain23
[flag=bg] Bulgaria3
10:30[flag=nl] Netherlands24
[flag=fr] France0
12:00[flag=gr] Greece20
[flag=ro] Romania2
13:30[flag=it] Italy36
[flag=cz] Czech Republic2

15:00[flag=ru] Russia31
[flag=tr] Turkey5
16:30[flag=hu] Hungary9
[flag=sk] Slovakia4
18:00[flag=gb] Great Britain5
[flag=il] Israel5
19:30[flag=pt] Portugal9
[flag=de] Germany16

Day Two (10th September)

09:00[flag=ro] Romania4
[flag=tk] Turkey7
10:30[flag=bg] Bulgaria11
[flag=cz] Czech Republic16
12:00[flag=sk] Slovakia6
[flag=il] Israel8
13:30[flag=fr] France11
[flag=de] Germany10

15:00[flag=hu] Hungary14
[flag=gb] Great Britain4
16:30[flag=gr] Greece7
[flag=ru] Russia11
18:00[flag=es] Spain11
[flag=it] Italy10
19:30[flag=nl] Netherlands21
[flag=pt] Portugal1

Day One (9th September)

09:00[flag=es] Spain23
[flag=cz] Czech Republic2
10:30[flag=hu] Hungary7
[flag=il] Israel3
12:00[flag=it] Italy34
[flag=bg] Bulgaria1
13:30[flag=ru] Russia29
[flag=ro] Romania4

15:00[flag=gr] Greece28
[flag=tk] Turkey4
16:30[flag=nl] Netherlands26
[flag=de] Germany4
18:00[flag=gb] Great Britain7
[flag=sk] Slovakia6
19:30[flag=pt] Portugal7
[flag=fr] France9

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