Eredivisie Finals: Polar Bears on Throne After a Shootout
Eredivisie Finals: Polar Bears on Throne After a Shootout
April 23, 2018
Water Polo Community To Discuss Future Of Sport at FINA World Conference
Global Water Polo Community to Discuss the Future of the Sport at FINA World Conference
April 24, 2018
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BREAKING NEWS: Russia too Costly – FINA in Search of New Host for the World League Super Finals?

Water Polo World League Round 03 Preview

Well-informed sources close to FINA claim that the 2018 World League Super Finals won’t be held in Roza (Russia) from 18th to 23rd of June as originally planned.

Less than two months remain until the finals, and the host is currently unknown. At the moment, one of the leading candidates for the new host is Croatia, which organized the Europa Cup final recently. It is assumed that the finals will be held in the city of Rijeka, but other cities are still being discussed. The city of Zagreb is another major candidate.

For a long time, FINA’s website has not been displaying the host of the final tournament, no matter how close the World Super Final is coming. Russia, as it seems, will not host it. The reason probably lies in Russia hosting the World Soccer Championship (14th of June — 15th of July), which means very high accommodation prices for the organization. These excessive costs may have resulted in FINA having second thoughts.

Russia allegedly proposed that the tournament should be held somewhere in Siberia, but FINA’s members rejected it quickly.

It’s now certain that one of the main topics for the upcoming conference in Budapest will be the host of the Super Finals – especially with the little time remaining. On top of that, this tournament is very demanding due to its organizational and financial factors, which means that the last-minute host might draw the short straw.

The question remains if this could end up being a loss for both the organization and water polo in general, as our sport lost a great opportunity for massive promotion. The Super Finals in Russia would have been a great platform to promote water polo among huge sports audiences of soccer fans with creative marketing campaigns. In the end, it looks like there won’t be a chance to do it this year.

Groups in the 2018 World League Super Final

Group A

 Number  Team Name  Flag
 A1  Australia  
 A2  Montenegro  
 A3  Japan  
 A4  Hungary  

Group B

 Number  Team Name  Flag
 B1  United States  
 B2  Croatia  
 B3  Kazakhstan  
 B4  Russia  

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