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May 21, 2019
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June 3, 2019
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FTC Goes Back to Back with 2019 Hungarian Championship Title

Madar David / MVLSZ

Ferencváros defeated OSC in a great match after a dramatic 3rd leg, defending their title in the OB 1 back to back.

Both sides fought fantastically in the third leg of the Men’s Championship final, which eventually resulted in a tie (8:8). In the resulting five-meter shoot-out, Ferencvaros came out on top, defending their championship title from last year, adding their 23rd overall trophy to their impressive trophy case.

“After the first two wins, we didn’t deal well with the pressure – we didn’t start the game right. It was a terribly hard match, we were too tired. I am glad we turned the game over, but it was very difficult, both physically and mentally – it was one of the most difficult bouts of the season!” said an exhausted but satisfied Zsolt Varga, Ferencváros head coach.

“I can’t be dissatisfied with my team’s performance, because we were keeping up, we acted as a real team. We go, work on, draw the right conclusions and continue the work. In ten months we have managed to get here, we still have to reach this team, ” said Lajos Vad, head coach of the runner-up OSC.

E.ON Men’s OB I National Championship – Final Playoffs

FTC-Telekom Waterpolo 3:0 A-HID OSC Budapest

10. May 2019 20:15  Game 1: FTC 8-6 OSC
18. May 2019 13:45 Game 2: OSC 10-15 FTC
22. May 2019 19:00 Game 3: FTC 12-9 OSC

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