Goran Volarevic Is Leaving Pro Recco
Goran Volarevic Is Leaving Pro Recco
June 26, 2018
Vincenzo Renzuto Joins Pro Recco!
Vincenzo Renzuto Joins Pro Recco!
June 27, 2018
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Greek Water Polo — Men and Women MVPs of The Year Chosen!

Greek Water Polo — Men and Women MVPs of The Year Chosen!

33 judges voted for the top-of-the-year (2017-18) players in the A1 Men’s and Women’s Water polo Championships. Accredited journalists rated the great season Greek water polo has had this year.

See the combined results:


Most Valuable Player (MVP): Alexandros Gounas (Olympiacos) — 18 votes

Followed by: Giannis Fountoulis (Olympiacos) 6, Konstantinos Gennadiounias (Olympiacos) 4, Konstantinos Flegas (Hydraikos) 2, Nicholas Moskov (Apollon Smyrni) 1, Kiril Rustamov (NO Chiou) 1, Charis Charalambopoulos

Best Goalkeeper: Yozip Pawits (Olympiakos) — 17 votes

Followed by: Philippos Karabetsos (NO Chios) 7, Konstantinos Flegas (Hydraikos) 6, Kostas Tsalkanis (AO Palaioy Falirou) 2, Manos Zerdevas 1 (NO Vouliagmenis) 1

Best Coach: Thodoris Vlachos (Olympiakos) — 20 votes

Followed by: Michalis Lazaridis (NO Chios) 10, Dimitris Kravaritis (Hydraikos) 2, Dimitris Mazis (ANO Glyfada) 1


Most Valuable Player (MVP): Alexandra Asimaki (Olympiacos) — 17 votes

Followed by: Eleftheria Flouritou (Olympiakos) 6, Alkistis Avramidou (Olympiacos) 2, Chrisi Diamantopoulou (Olympiacos) 2, Julia Emola (Olympiacos 2), Monica Egens (Olympiakos) 1, Elena Xenakis (NO Vouliagmenis) 1, Christina Tsoukalas (Olympiakos) 1

Best Goalkeeper: Chris Diamantopoulou (Olympiacos) — 29 votes

Followed by: Elena Koududou 4

Best Coach: Haris Pavlidis (Olympiacos) — 22 votes

Followed by: Dimitris Bitsakos (NE Patron) 5, Kostas Vamvakaris (National) 3, Alexia Kamenou (NO Vouliagmenis) 2, Kostas Fitsanakis (NO Rethimnon) 1

The Top Players of the 2017-18 season will be awarded at the 2012 Autumn Men’s and Women’s Championship.

Together with them, the 1st Tournament Scorers of this year will also receive an award. In the A1 Men, Nikolas Moskov (Apollo Smyrni) with 84 goals and in the A1 Women Alexandra Assimaki (Olympiakos) with 71 goals.

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