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OSC and FTC Continue the Momentum, PVSK and Tatabanya Win at Home – Hungarian Water Polo

Photo: Madar David / MVLSZ

Round two of the midseason saw Ferencvaros and Miskolc surprise the Upper Stage, while the Lower Stage teams started getting tight in the mid-ranks.

Lower Stage

The clash between Tatabanya and Szentesi opened the new round at the lower stage. Tamás Zantleitner’s team, led by Balázs Kalanovics, carried Tatabanya to the final 7:5, even though the other side fought hard.

The current leader of the group, PVSK, played against the fifth-placed UVSE with an ensuring victory and the score of 11:6, successfully retaining their position.

While PVSK and Tatabanya got their three points at home, Kaposvari suffered a defeat at their own pool. Although they were leading by the end of the first half-time (6:4), AVUS turned the tables during the second half, scoring a series of five goals in the last quarter.

Another twist happened in the match KSI played with Vasas. KSI dominated the first half of the game, but Gábor Hegedűs’s fierce attacks marked the end of the match, setting the score to 8:12.

Upper Stage

Ferencvaros and Szolnok met in the Komyad pool and played almost a fully balanced match. Despite most of the quarters being marked by equal strengths, Zsolt Varga’s ensemble won the second quarter by two goals difference, which was enough for them to carry the win. Despite protecting the goal with fifty percent success, Viktor Nagy’s efforts seemed to be in vain since Aaron Younger pressed hard with three, and Varga and Kallay with two goals. The scorers played a key role in breaking Nagy’s stone defenses and winning.

OSC wrote down a flawless victory against Eger. The downfall of the third-placed team began in the first round, where they were three goals behind (4:1). Krisztián Manhercz led the attacks in numerous occasions, piling up four successful shots by the end of the match. The rest of the quarters went smoothly for Lajos Vad’s boys, as each one ended in their favor.

Miskolc proved they had big plans in the midseason by defeating Racionet with 7:13. József Sike’s team was leading by three goals at the end of the big break, which they multiplied and then scored one last goal at the very end. Ognjen Stojanovic proved his worth with five scored goals for Miskolc.

Debreceni denied three points to BVSC, all the while climbing up the ladder to match the 21 points BVSC has. The match went easy on the scoring until the last quarter where Sándor Kardos’ team scored five goals against BVSC’s zero.

Photo: Madar David / MVLSZ

Match Results

Lower Stage

Tatabanya v Szentesi 7-5 (4-3, 2-1, 1-0, 0-1)
Scorers: Kalanovics 3, Kolozsi 2, Fazekas, Katonás, ill. Hegedűs B., Nagy M., Pellei, Vörös, Chrysopathis

PVSK v UVSE 11-6 (3-1, 3-0, 2-2, 3-3)
Scorers: Csacsovszky A. 2, Chilkó 2, Gál 2, Rakonjac 2, Csacsovszky E., Csaba, Zerinváry, ill. Baksa 2, Konarik 2, Vámosi, Vigvári V.

Kaposvari v AVUS 9-11 (3-1, 3-3, 1-2, 2-5)
Scorers: Vindisch 3, Berta 3, Giga 2, Kovács O., ill. Kiss Cs. 3, Polovic 2, Basara 2, Takács, Garancsy, Irmes, Baj

KSI v Vasas 8-12 (2-4, 4-1, 0-4, 2-3)
Scorers: Bóbis 3, Horváth 3, Vékony 2, ill. Hegedűs 4, Bencz 2, Hőna 2, Simon H. 2, Sélley Rauscher, Miklós

Upper Stage

FTC v Szolnoki 10-8 (2-2, 3-1, 3-3, 2-2)
Scorers: Younger 3, Kállay 2, Varga D. 2, Sedlmayer, Mitrovics, Nikics, ill. Jansik D. 2, Lazics 2, Bátori, Szatmári, Alekszics, Prlainovics

OSC v Eger 12-5 (4-1, 3-2, 2-1, 3-1)
Scorers: Manhercz K. 4, Kovács G. 3, Salamon 2, Seman, Erdélyi, Hárai, ill. Vlachopoulos 2, Hosnyánszky, Gyárfás, Kürti

Racionet v Miskolc 7-13 (1-2, 2-4, 2-3, 2-4)
Scorers: Szirányi 3, Szivós 2, Shimizu, Manhercz Á., ill. Sztojanovics 5, Bowen 3, Nagy Á. 2, Vismeg, Vadovics, Lőrincz

Debrecen v BVSC 9-6 (1-1, 3-2, 0-3, 5-0)
Scorers: Durik 3, Fekete G. 2, Smitula, Dőry, Kovács G., Macsi, ill. Várnai 2, Létay 2, Csapó, Pásztor


Lower Stage

  1. PVSK 25
  2. Tatabánya 19
  3. Szentesi 17
  4. AVUS 14
  5. Vasas 14
  6. UVSE 13
  7. Kaposvari 7
  8. KSI 0

Upper Stage

  1. FTC 48
  2. OSC 48
  3. Eger 37
  4. Szolnoki 36
  5. Miskolci 33
  6. BVSC 21
  7. Debreceni 21
  8. Racionet 20

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