What is the
Total Waterpolo Arena?

Total Waterpolo Arena is the only live scoring app in water polo - built by water polo enthusiasts for water polo enthusiasts. It replaces the paper scoresheet, enabling you to easily record, process and evaluate more data than ever before in water polo.

It is completely free to use for everybody who organizes amateur tournaments across all age divisions.

Who can use it?

National federations - ditch the paper, stop writing and printing the same data over and over again. You don't have to understand the cloud service but using it will save you lots of time and money :)

Amateur tournaments - put your tournament on water polo's global map. No more troubles with making the standing after each game, wondering about the design of you social media post, determining the best individuals - just track your games and let the Total Waterpolo Arena do the rest.

Media - we are fighting in the same trenches here. It is easier to find life in outer space than to find water polo information online. This will solve your problem. In realtime.

Fans and Community - enjoy the matches in realtime "play-by-play" action, packed with interesting data every coach would love to see. Discover what sets your favourite players apart, identify opponents weak spots and draw insightful conclusions for your own game - all from the palm of your hand.

Why we started the Total Water Polo Arena project

Water polo needs to join the 21st century, or we'll lose fans and talented kids to other sports. We pooled our resources and spent countless nights coding, designing and testing. This tool will mark the first step in connecting the global water polo community, which we can then start expanding with actionable steps.


Want to use Total Waterpolo Arena for your competition?

Great! Reach out via info@total-waterpolo.com and send us some details about your competition. Our TWA Support team is looking forward to your inquiry :).

See below our ever growing lists of features and stay tuned for more rolling out on a daily basis!

Upgrade your Water Polo game today!

Contact us via info@total-waterpolo.com