14.07 - 28.07, Piscines Bernat Picornell
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The old continent's finest water polo athletes have gathered in Barcelona to fight for the prestigious European Championship Title. Make sure to check back frequently to see game results, the latest news and the best plays that international water polo has to offer.

European Championship Game Ticker

Women's Tournament

Day 01, 14.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
Day 02, 15.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
Day 03, 17.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
Day 04, 19.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
Day 05, 21.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
Day 06, 23.07.2018 -Quarter Final Round
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Day 07, 25.07.2018 - Semi Final Round
[event_blocks 4408]
Day 08, 27.07.2018 - Finals Round
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Men's Tournament

Day 01, 16.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
11:00B[flag=me] MNE 8
[flag=fr] FRA6
12:30D[flag=ru] RUS12
[flag=sk] SVK6
14:00C[flag=tr] TUR1
[flag=gr] GRE27
15:30A[flag=ge] GEO5
[flag=hu] HUN12
17:00C[flag=hr] CRO15
[flag=nl] NED8
18.30A[flag=de] GER1
[flag=it] ITA14
20:30D[flag=rs] SRB11
[flag=ro] ROU5
22:15B[flag=mt] MLT4
[flag=es] ESP21
Day 02, 18.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
11:00C[flag=hr] CRO 23
[flag=tr] TUR2
12:30A[flag=de] GER10
[flag=ge] GEO9
14:00D[flag=ro] ROU9
[flag=sk] SVK5
15:30C[flag=gr] GRE12
[flag=nl] NED7
17:00B[flag=me] MNE17
[flag=mt] MLT5
18.30D[flag=ru] RUS9
[flag=rs] SRB11
20:30A[flag=hu] HUN5
[flag=it] ITA12
22:00B[flag=es] ESP7
[flag=fr] FRA4
Day 03, 20.07.2018 - Preliminary Round
11:00D[flag=rs] SRB13
[flag=sk] SVK5
12:30A[flag=de] GER4
[flag=hu] HUN4
14:00C[flag=ro] TUR5
[flag=sk] NED22
15:30A[flag=ge] GEO3
[flag=it] ITA14
17:00D[flag=ru] RUS12
[flag=ro] ROU7
18.30B[flag=mt] MLT6
[flag=fr] FRA12
20:30C[flag=hr] CRO11
[flag=gr] GRE7
22:00B[flag=me] MNE7
[flag=es] ESP7
Day 04, 22.07.2018 - Quarterfinal Qualifications
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Day 05, 24.07.2018 - Quarter Finals Round
[event_blocks 4389]
Day 06, 26.07.2018 - Semi Finals Round
[event_blocks 4456]
Day 07, 28.07.2018 - Finals Round
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Road to the Finals

Women's Tournament

[tournament_bracket 4315]

Men's Tournament

[tournament_bracket 3659]

Group Standings

Women's Group Standings

RankTeam NameNationalityMatchesWonLostTiesGFGAGDPoints
1Netherlands[flag=nl] NED54017520+5513
2Greece[flag=gr] GRE54106323+4012
3Italy[flag=it] ITA53116821+4710
4France[flag=fr] FRA52303854-166
5Israel[flag=il] ISR50411873-551
6Croatia[flag=hr] CRO50411990-711
RankTeam NameNationalityMatchesWonLostTiesGFGAGDPoints
1Spain[flag=es] ESP550011026+8415
2Hungary[flag=hu] HUN54109832+6612
3Russia[flag=ru] RUS532010731+769
4Germany[flag=de] GER52302997-686
5Serbia[flag=rs] SRB51402791-643
6Turkey[flag=tr] TUR505026120-940

Men's Group Standings

RankTeam NameNationalityMatchesWonLostTiesGFGAGDPoints
1Italy[flag=it] ITA3300409+319
2Hungary[flag=hu] HUN3111212104
3Germany[flag=de] GER31111527-124
4Georgia[flag=ge] GEO30301736-190
RankTeam NameNationalityMatchesWonLostTiesGFGAGDPoints
1Spain[flag=es] ESP32013515+207
2Montenegro[flag=me] MNE32013218+147
3France[flag=fr] FRA31202221+13
4Malta[flag=mt] MLT30301550-350
RankTeam NameNationalityMatchesWonLostTiesGFGAGDPoints
1Croatia[flag=hr] CRO33004917+329
2Greece[flag=gr] GRE32104619+276
3Netherlands[flag=nl] NED31203732+53
4Turkey[flag=tr] TUR3030872-640
RankTeam NameNationalityMatchesWonLostTiesGFGAGDPoints
1Serbia[flag=rs] SRB33003519+169
2Russia[flag=ru] RUS32103324+96
3Romania[flag=ro] ROU31202128-73
4Slovakia[flag=sk] SVK30301634-180
The 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships are played at

Bernat Picornell Pool