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An Unexpected Overturn in Beograd – Crvena Zvezda Beats Jug CO – Triglav League

The 9th round of the Triglav League brought an unexpected sensation to Beograd. Crvena Zvezda beat Jug CO, lowering their overall score with the second loss in the League. HAVK Mladost continued its dominance with 13:8 against Primorac, as well as the second-placed Jadran Carine, who carried a victory against POŠK.

The regional A1 League came to an interesting twist as Crvena Zvezda beat Jug CO with 11:10. Although the second loss won’t affect Jug’s race to the Final Four, it was a blow that lowered their standing.

The team from Dubrovnik got into the match decisively, looking for their seventh victory, but the tides have turned quickly. They led the match with 4:1 at the beginning of the second quarter, but Crvena Zvezda took over the initiative in the third quarter, ending the match in a victorious note.

Kobeščak’s team introduced Dorian Raguž, a sixteen-year-old player, to the pool for the first time. As for the other side, the match was dominated by Dušan Vasić, who scored five goals, followed by Maksimović with three. Fatović, Lozina, and Merkulov carried Jug with two goals each.

Photo: N. Paraušić

HAVK Mladost got yet another victory, this time in Budva, against Primorac. The club rounded the first part of the League with an envious result of 27 points in the standings. This could’ve been a tough match considering their loss against Jug in the Champions League, but the team owned the pool with 13:8. Konstantin Kharkov scored the most goals (four), proving his worth after a vacation Moscow.

The third-placed Jadran Carine climbed the standing as they beat POŠK with 13:7. Jadran Split dominated over Partizan (9:3), and Mornar BS won the match against Šabac (7:5).

Match Results

  • Partizan – Jadran Split 3:9 (0:3, 2:1, 1:2, 0:3)
  • Mornar BS – Šabac 7:5 (1:0, 3:1, 1:2, 2:2)
  • POŠK – Jadran Carine 7:13 (3:2, 2:6, 1:2, 1:3)
  • Crvena Zvezda – Jug KO 11:10 (1:3, 3:2, 4:1, 3:4)
  • Primorac – HAVK Mladost 8:13 (2:1, 1:6, 1:4, 4:2)


  1. HAVK Mladost 27
  2. Jadran Carine 21
  3. Jug CO 19
  4. Jadran Split 19
  5. Mornar BS 12
  6. Crvena Zvezda 11
  7. Šabac 9
  8. Primorac 7
  9. Partizan 4
  10. POŠK 3

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