OSC, Sintez, Jadran Split and Terrassa reach CHL Main Round
September 25, 2019
Euro Cup: Eger with no mercy, flood of goals in Sibenik
September 27, 2019
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Champions League 2019/20, calendar

Photo: Pro Recco

After the Qualification Round 3, the groups of the Champions League Main Round were filled by four qualifiers.

OSC, Jadran Split, SIntez and Terassa joined the 12 wild card holders.

The competition will start on 8 October. A novelty in the Champions League calendar is that each round will be played in two days. In the first half of the season. In the first half of the season, the matches in Group A will be played on Tuesday and Friday, while playing days In Group B will be Wednesday and Saturday. In 2020, the game days will be rotated between the groups.

Champions League – Main Round, Groups

Group A
Barceloneta (Spain)
Olympiacos (Greece)
Jadran Herceg Novi (Montenegro)
Szolnok Dosza (Hungary)
Spandau 04 (Germany)
Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Jadran Split (Croatia)
Sintez Kazan (Russia)

Group B
Ferencvaros Budapest (Hungary)
Mladost Zagreb (Croatia)
Pro Recco (Italy)
Waspo 98 Hannover (Germany)
CN Marseille (France)
Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia)
Terrassa (Spain)
OSC Budapest (Hungary)

Champions League, Calendar

Day 1

Group A (8 October)
Spandau Berlin – Barceloneta
Szolnok – Sintez
Jadran Split– Olympiacos
Jadran Herceg Novi – Jug

Group B (9 October)
Ferencvaros – Waspo Hannover
Terrassa– Dinamo Tbilisi
OSC Budapest– Mladost
Marseille – Pro Recco

Day 2

Group A (18 October)
Jadran Split – Spandau Berlin
Jadran Herceg Novi – Szolnok
Jug – Barceloneta
Olympiacos – Sintez

Group B (19 October)
OSC Budapest– Waspo Hannover
Pro Recco – Terrassa
Ferencvaros – Marseille
Mladost – Dinamo Tbilisi

Day 3

Group A (29 October)
Jug – Spandau Berlin
Olympiacos – Jadran Herceg Novi
Sintez – Jadran Split
Barceloneta – Szolnok

Group B (30 October)
Marseille – Waspo Hannover
Mladost – Pro Recco
Dinamo Tbilisi – OSC Budapest
Ferencvaros – Terrassa

Day 4

Group A (8 November)
Spandau Berlin – Jadran Herceg Novi
Jadran Split– Jug
Szolnok – Olympiacos
Sintez – Barceloneta

Group B (9 November)
Waspo Hannover – Pro Recco
Terrassa– Mladost
OSC Budapest– Marseille
Dinamo Tbilisi – Ferencvaros

Day 5

Group A (19 November)
Olympiacos – Spandau Berlin
Jug – Sintez
Jadran Herceg Novi – Barceloneta
Szolnok – Jadran Split

Group B (20 November)
Mladost – Waspo Hannover
Marseille – Dinamo Tbilisi
Pro Recco – Ferencvaros
Terrassa– OSC Budapest

Day 6

Group A (3 December)
Sintez –Spandau Berlin
Barceloneta – Olympiacos
Jadran Split – Jadran Herceg Novi
Jug – Szolnok

Group B (4 December)
Dinamo Tbilisi – Waspo Hannover
Ferencvaros – Mladost
OSC Budapest– Pro Recco
Marseille – Terrassa

Day 7

Group A (13 December)
Spandau Berlin – Szolnok
Jadran Split – Barceloneta
Jadran Herceg Novi – Sintez
Olympiacos – Jug (9 December)

Group B (14 December)
Waspo Hannover – Terrassa
OSC Budapest– Ferencvaros
Pro Recco – Dinamo Tbilisi
Mladost – Marseille (9 December)

Day 8

Group A (5 February)
Szolnok – Spandau Berlin
Barceloneta – Jadran Split
Sintez – Jadran Herceg Novi
Jug – Olympiacos

Group B (4 February)
Terrassa –Waspo Hannover
Ferencvaros – OSC Budapest
Dinamo Tbilisi – Pro Recco
Marseille – Mladost

Day 9

Group A (22 February)
Spandau Berlin – Sintez
Olympiacos – Barceloneta
Jadran Herceg Novi – Jadran Split
Szolnok – Jug

Group B (21 February)
Waspo Hannover – Dinamo Tbilisi
Mladost – Ferencvaros
Pro Recco – OSC Budapest
Terrassa– Marseille

Day 10

Group A (4 March)
Spandau Berlin – Olympiacos
Sintez – Jug
Barceloneta – Jadran Herceg Novi
Jadran Split – Szolnok

Group B (3 March)
Waspo Hannover –Mladost
Dinamo Tbilisi – Marseille
Ferencvaros – Pro Recco
OSC Budapest– Terrassa

Day 11

Group A (11 April)
Jadran Herceg Novi – Spandau Berlin
Jug – Jadran Split
Olympiacos – Szolnok
Barceloneta – Sintez

Group B (10 April)
Pro Recco – Waspo Hannover
Mladost – Terrassa
Marseille – OSC Budapest
Ferencvaros – Dinamo Tbilisi

Day 12

Group A (22 April)
Spandau Berlin – Jug
Jadran Herceg Novi – Olympiacos
Jadran Split – Sintez
Szolnok – Barceloneta

Group B (21 April)
Waspo Hannover – Marseille
Pro Recco – Mladost
OSC Budapest– Dinamo Tbilisi
Terrassa– Ferencvaros

Day 13

Group A (9 May)
Spandau Berlin – Jadran Split
Szolnok – Jadran Herceg Novi
Barceloneta – Jug
Sintez – Olympiacos

Group B (8 May)
Waspo Hannover – OSC Budapest
Terrassa– Pro Recco
Marseille – Ferencvaros
Dinamo Tbilisi – Mladost

Day 14

Group A (20 May)
Barceloneta – Spandau Berlin
Sintez – Szolnok
Olympiacos – Jadran Split
Jug – Jadran Herceg Novi

Group B (19 May)
Waspo Hannover – Ferencvaros
Dinamo Tbilisi – Terrassa
Mladost – OSC Budapest
Pro Recco – Marseille

FINAL EIGHT (Genoa, 5 – 7 June)

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