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Debreceni Beat The Great Szolnoki, Draws Occur in Group A – Hungarian Water Polo

Photo: DVSE

More surprises come from the Hungarian pools as the 14th round ends. Dive into one of the greatest plays Hungarians lately had!

Group A

AVUS and Szentesi opened the first match of Group A. The struggle on both sides marked the beginning and stayed there until the end of the match. The surprisingly low goal-count mattered little as both teams fought hard to stay on top. By the end of the fourth quarter, AVUS kept the lead (5:3), but Hegedűs Bence managed to break the sturdy defenses and equalize for the final 5:5.

Another draw in the group occurred in the middle-ranks, where Racionet lost the opportunity to take BVSC‘s place on the standings. As expected, both teams pressed hard. Racionet wanted that third place and BSVC tried its best to stay there. The score remained tied throughout the match, ending in ultimate 7:7. BVSC managed to keep Racionet down.

On the other side, PVSK destroyed KSI with an outstanding score of 13:6.

Group B

The battles of Group B started with a Kapsovari-Tatabanya clash. The match was highlighted by a sudden change of the advantage in the third quarter where Balázs Kalanovics scored a series of goals. Thanks to the overturn, Tatabanya won by one goal difference (8:9).

Komyad pool welcomed two of the lower-ranking teams – Vasas and UVSE. An exciting match awaited the teams striving to reach the upper spots. The start was full of suspense as both sides scored only one goal. The second quarter followed in the same fashion, all until the mid-horn when Máté Bóbis’s team took the lead. Vasas used the momentum in the following quarter, scoring three goals which Tibor Benedek’s boys couldn’t stop. The match ended with 7:5 for Vasas.

Debreceni offered the audience the biggest surprise of the day by beating the second-placed Szolnoki. At the end of the first half-time, Debreceni had a great advantage of six goals, thanks to the shots from Gergő Fekete and Zoltán Farkas. Seeing their bad play, Szolnoki woke up in the second half-time, but it was too late to get a draw, let alone take over the match.

In the closing match, OSC beat Miskolc. The score was expected, though no one was ready for a great play Miskolci offered in the last quarter when they played a 3:0 game.

Photo: Madar David / MVLSZ

Match Results

Group A

AVUS v Szentesi 5-5 (2-1, 1-1, 2-1, 0-2)
Scorers: Basara 2, Garancsy, Irmes P., Ekler B.; Chrysovalantis 2, Hegedűs B., Nagy M., Vörös

Racionet v BVSC 7-7 (1-1, 2-3, 3-2, 1-1)
Scorers: Szivós 2, Kardos 2, Illés, Simon R., Simon A.; Várnai 2, Török 2, Pásztor 2, Szabó B.

PVSK v KSI 13-6 (4-0, 5-0, 2-5, 2-1)
Scorers: Csaba M. 3, Rakonjac 3, Csacsovszky E. 2, Chilkó 2, Csacsovszky A., Jakab, Zerinváry; Dávid Z. 2, Bóbis, Horváth Á., Bihácsi, Tóth G.

Group B

Kaposvari v Tatabanya 8-9 (2-1, 2-1, 2-6, 2-1)
Scorers: Varga Zs. 3, Tóth K. 2, Juhász-Szelei, Lukács Á., Giga; Kalanovics 5, Kuncz 2, Hoppál, Máthé

Vasas v UVSE 7-5 (1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 1-2)
Scorers: Bencz 2, Miklós, Szabó B., Sélley Rauscher, Hegedűs, Vogel S.; Baksa 2, Korbács 2, Dala

Debrecen v Szolnoki 10-8 (3-1, 4-0, 2-4, 1-3)
Scorers: Fekete 3, Dőry 3, Macsi P., Kovács G., Durik, Vidovics; Prlainovics 4, Bátori, Jansik D., Aleksics, Raskovics

Miskolci v OSC 9-12 (2-6, 4-3, 0-3, 3-0)
Scorers: Bowen 3, Nagy Á. 2, Misics 2, Stojanovics 2; Salamon 3, Hárai 2, Ubovics 2, Randelovics 2, Erdélyi, Kovács G., Manhercz K.


Group A

  1. FTC 42
  2. Eger 34
  3. BVSC 21
  4. Racionet 20
  5. PVSK 19
  6. Szentesi 17
  7. AVUS 10
  8. KSI 0

Group B

  1. OSC 42
  2. Szolnoki 33
  3. Miskolci 30
  4. Debreceni 18
  5. Tatabánya 13
  6. UVSE 12
  7. Vasas 11
  8. Kaposvári 7

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