Tomislav Dumančić: "Pro Recco Is Trying to Destabilize Us"
Tomislav Dumančić: “Pro Recco Is Trying to Destabilize Us”
May 8, 2018
Champions League, Main Round, Day 14 – Preview
May 8, 2018
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Finnish Water Polo — The Finals Are Around the Corner

Finnish Water Polo — The Finals Are Around the Corner

The men’s SM-semifinals were held on the weekend in Turku and Espoo. Turun Uimarit and Cetus Espoo will meet in the finals, which will start next Saturday. The match for bronze medal will be played by Kuhat and Sentteri.

Men’s semifinals ended with clear results last weekend. Turun Swimmers lost to the home-team Sentteri, who will now play for the bronze medal, after the semi-finals scores of 11-6 and 18-7.

Espoo Cetus hosted the semifinals at the Espoonlahti Swimming Pool and has beaten Kuhat 1 with the results of 13-3 and 11-7.

Kuhat 1 and Sentteri will play for the bronze on Saturday, May 12, at Pirkkola at 17.30TU and Cetus, who have fought hard in the regular season, will surely start the tense finals also on Saturday, May 12, when the first meeting will take place in Turku at 7.30 pm. The Turku Swimmers are a hungry finalist because of the last spring, in which they missed the finals and the bronze medal did not satisfy the 2014-2016 Finnish champions. Cetus defends the silver from last spring.

Upcoming Matches

  • Saturday (12.5.) 17.30 Helsinki: Bronze Match Kuhat 1 – Sentteri
  • Saturday (12.5) 19:30 Turku: Finals 1 TU – Cetus
  • Sunday (13.5.) Espoo: Finals 2 Cetus – TU
  • Friday (18.5.) 19:30 Turku: Final 3 TU – Cetus
  • Saturday (19.5.) Espoo: Finals 4 Cetus – TU
  • Sunday (20.5) 19:30 Turku: Finals 5 TU – Cetus

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