Hannover Final Eight
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Hannover Final 8 - Fixtures

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Hannover Final 8 FAQs

1How much do the tickets cost?
The tournament is divided into five sections. Thursday costs 25 euros. On Friday 20 Euro are due for the afternoon and 32 Euro for the semi-finals in the evening. The placement games on Saturday cost only 10 Euro, the finals in the evening 42 Euro.
2 How to get tickets?
They can be ordered online on waspo98.de/tickets and at eventim. The box office at the Stadionbad opens one and a half hours before the first game of the day.
3 How many spectators will fit into the stadium pool?
1700 have space thanks to the grandstands built into the pool. "It's a feeling of centre court, the fans are sitting very close," says coach Karsten Seehafer. There are still tickets available for all tournament sections.
4Will there be a live stream available?
All games will be streamed live on the SPORTBUZZER website. News on official LEN.eu livestreams coming soon.
5Arrival by car
Please enter β€žFerdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg 10, 30169 Hannoverβ€œ to your navigation system and then follow the parking signs for β€žFinal Eight 2019β€œ.
6Arrival with public transportation
You can take tram lines 3, 7 or 17 to station β€žStadionbrΓΌckeβ€œ and walk to the Stadionbad (1km or 10-15 min). You can take the bus lines 100 or 200. Please take into account, that they may take deviating routes due to other events taking place around the β€žMaschseeβ€œ.
Men's 2018/2019 Champions League

Group Standings

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Group A - Game Schedule

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Group B - Game Schedule

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Game Day Results

Day 01
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Day 02
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Day 03
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Day 04
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Day 05
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Day 06
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Day 07
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Day 08
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Day 09
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Day 10
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Day 11
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Day 12
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Day 13
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Day 14
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