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October 8, 2018
Sakis Kechagias Is No Longer Australian National Women's Head Coach
Sakis Kechagias Is No Longer Australian National Women’s Head Coach
October 10, 2018
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Mladen Drnasin — Quick Brief and First Statement

Mladen Drnasin — Quick Brief and First Statement

An entrepreneur and former water polo player from Split, a longtime official in his home club Jadran and the Croatian HVS, Mladen Drnasin (51) is the new president of the Croatian Water Polo Federation. He was unanimously elected at the extraordinary session of the HVS Assembly after the former president, otherwise the most crowning in the history of the HVS, with 14 senior medals with Barakudas, Predrag Sloboda resigned.

First President’s Statement:

“Everything we will do in the future will be of the same quality as before. This means that, among other, there are no such things as clubs in the Federation. Personally, each of us is in a club and we are sports competitors, but all we do has to be in the interest of Croatian water polo. The goal is to stay at the top in all competitions.”

There were important decisions made at the Assembly.

The first one is that all men’s first-league clubs must have one female composition up to the age of 15 years. At the very end of the Assembly, the financial plan for 2019 was presented. It’s worth is 13 million kunas. At the same time, in the season 2018/19, the number of foreigner playing in clubs has increased from 2 to 3.

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