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Nikola Moskov (MNE): “I believe, we could have played so much better.”

Nikola Moskov Montenegro Water Polo Junior

Foto: WC2017.SRBWP.RS

Montenegro’s youngsters finished on a well deserved fifth place during this year’s Fina World Men’s Junior Water Polo Championships. The tournament revealed a slight lack regarding the scope of their roster, which prevented them from ruining some of the top 4 team’s plans. While very efficient in their offense, with excellent shooters among their midst, they are missing some responsibility during defensive plays.

We are sure that some of this year’s youngsters will have a place in Montenegro’s National Team for the European Championships in Barcelona next year – on of those potential candidates being left forward Nikola Moskov, who shared his views on the tournament and their performance with Total Waterpolo right after their victory against Spain in their last match:

Fifth place, we are pretty satisfied with this. We opened the game well and were able to lead 8 – 2 at the halftime break. We later relaxed a little too much, they pressed forward and closed the gap to two goals and later to one. We managed to return to a three goal difference in the end and were able to celebrate well deserved.

Are you satisfied with the tournament in general?

All in all, we had our ups and downs, but I think we are left with the disappointment from the quarter finals against the Hungarians. I believe we could have played so much better.

Do you have any concrete plans for the future?
I am in the middle of negotiations with a Greek club, I hope everything will work out fine.

A transfer into a Greek club could definitely help him develop even further and secure him a place in Montenegro’s National Team. We are looking forward to seeing him play again on a national and international stage.

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