Kelsey White: "Water Polo is Growing Rapidly, and we Have to Adapt"
Kelsey White: “Water Polo is Growing Rapidly, and we Have to Adapt”
May 17, 2018
Croatian Water Polo — Jug Opened the Match with 7:0
Croatian Water Polo — Jug Opened the Match With 7:0
May 17, 2018
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Serbian Water Polo — Partizan Thinks about Future with 14 New Contracts

Serbian Water Polo — Partizan Thinks about Future with 14 New Contracts

In difficult times for Serbian club water polo, Partizan thinks about the future. Vaterpolo Vesti brings the latest news from one of the strongest clubs.

The Serbian champion, who has been winning national trophies for years and representing Serbia in the Champion League, has signed 14 contracts with the players. The players born in 2000 and 2001, currently playing for Banjica, and will be on the front of their team, signed four-year contracts with Partizan. One of them is a prospective representative from the Netherlands.

The contracts were signed by:

  • Andrej Barać
  • Milan Bulajić
  • Aleksa Cvetković
  • Branko Kujović
  • Aleksa Nešić
  • Miloš Radić
  • Petar Smiljević
  • Aleksandar Timotijević
  • Marko Banović
  • Stefan Branković
  • Arsenije Mitrović
  • Petar Jakšić
  • Vasilije Petrović
  • Bilak Gdamlsije (Netherlands player)

“By signing the contract with the boys who are among the best in Serbia, we maintain the continuity of the club’s work and politics, relying on our “children”.These are the water polo players who came from Partizan’s school and who are the future of Serbian water polo.

“In this way, we reevaluating their work and the club’s work in the past ten years, since the boys started working on water polo. They showed great potential, but of course, we do not expect them to achieve top-notch results from the start — everyone needs time to form properly. There will certainly be more opportunities for them to be noticed,” said the president of Partizan, Aleksandar Šoštar.

Stefan Ćirić, the coach of the first team of Partizan, added that the players who signed the contract proved their worth in the younger categories of the national team.

“Our players and their parents have confidence in Partizan, as we believe our club and Serbian national team can count on them in the future. I’m glad to sign contracts with such a talented generation.

“I am sure we will continue the trend of binding perspective players for a longer period. In recent years there have been examples of players leaving Partizan early. They didn’t work on their potential quite efficiently and I hope that won’t happen again. I believe these guys are bound to Partizan with sports motives and the desire to achieve great results through their work.”

Marko Bašić, the coach of Banjica, who has been a stepping stone for the first team from Partizan for years, pointed out:

“I am proud of these guys. The first team in Partizan has always come through strict selection because our goal is the formation of top players for both the club and Serbian national team. I want them to continue their path and reach the ultimate goal — the great success of Partizan and the national team.”

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