Olympiacos' Kostas Mourikis Is on Pro Recco's Radar
Olympiacos’ Kostas Mourikis is on Pro Recco’s Radar
May 5, 2018
Australian Water Polo — Day 1 OVO AWL Finals Series
Australian Water Polo — Day 1 OVO AWL Finals Series
May 5, 2018
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Summer Brings All Star Gala to Hungary – a World-Wide Water Polo Event

Summer Brings All Star Gala — A World-Wide Water Polo Event — to Hungary

The Hungarian sports lovers will once again see the Olympic Champions of water polo clash at the Duna Arena Sports pool.

The biggest attraction since the 2017 World Cup was undoubtedly initiated by the re-activation of the three-time Olympic Water Polo Champion Dr. Kemény Dénes. The hallmarked five stars (Gergely Kiss, Tamás Kásás, Tibor Benedek, Peter Biros, Zoltan Szécsi) are also joining the team and will be playing against the World Masters selection.

The clash between two legendary teams promises a fun and entertaining experience. The Hungarian hosts will run under the name of “Millenium Masters Team”, which will face the “World Masters Team”.

The World Masters team will feature a lot of familiar faces, with the potential to further extend the list. For now, invitations have been accepted by Ratko Rudić, Aleksandar Šapić, Frano Vićan, Dubravko Šimenc and Manuel Estiarte, just to name a few.

The All Stars Waterpolo Gala will be held on the 31st of July 2018 in Budapest at 19.00pm, (1st of August 3 am AEST). The event will be hosted by the Duna Arena Sports Facility, which was the key venue of the 17th FINA World Championships.

The arena allows the match to be watched by 5000 spectators on site and the whole country in front of their TV screens.

The Teams

Millenium Masters Team

  1. Benedek Tibor
  2. Biros Péter
  3. Fodor Rajmund
  4. Gergely István
  5. Kásás Tamás
  6. dr. Kiss Gergely
  7. Kósz Zoltán
  8. Märcz Tamás
  9. dr. Molnár Tamás
  10. dr. Steinmetz Barnabás
  11. Szécsi Zoltán
  12. Székely Bulcsú
  13. Varga Tamás
  14. Varga Zsolt
  15. Vári Attila

World Masters Team (current roster):

  1. Frano Vićan (Croatia)
  2. Igor Hinić (Croatia)
  3. Dubravko Šimenc (Croatia)
  4. Revaz Chomakidze (Georgia)
  5. George Afroudakis (Greece)
  6. Francesco Postiglione (Italy)
  7. Harry van der Meer (Netherland)
  8. Sergei Garbuzov (Russia)
  9. Petar Trbojević (Serbija)
  10. Aleksandar Šapić (Serbija)
  11. Irek Zinurov (Russia)

Coaches: Ratko Rudić (Croatia)
Manuel Estiarte (Spain)

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