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Szentesi Surprise in Group A, UVSE Gets its Third Victory – Hungarian Water Polo

Photo: Varga Jennifer

Round 9 of the Hungarian Championship was played on Saturday. Group A saw some surprises along with the expected scores. Eger, Ferencvarosi, and Szentesi came out as winners, while in Group B, UVSE dominated over Debreceni.

Group A

A week after the Day 6 of the Champions League, and Eger’s loss to Pro Recco, they came back. This time the ten-goal-difference rested at their side as the beat KSI with 15:5Norbert Dabrowski‘s players easily dominated the center, scoring the goals as Bence Valics defended theirs with a 74% defense precision.

AVUS lost to BVSC with a three-goal difference. Since the second quarter, the team showed superiority which they executed in the third quarter when they took and kept the lead. As a surprise to many viewers, Szentesi beat Racionet. Both teams eager to win, they brought one of the most refreshing matches of this round. Márton Nagy carried the game on Szentesi’s side, while Márton Szivós scored for Racionet. Ultimately, Szentesi came out as winners with a close score of 10:9.

The last match of the round was won by Frencvarosi. As expected, the Hungarian Champions played a great game, even though Gergely Lukács‘s team managed to break their defenses in the first quarter. With the second quarter, and especially during the second half-time, Zsolt Varga‘s team proved their worth with a series of unstoppable actions. After nine rounds, the champion still stays unbeaten at the top.

Photo: Madar Dávid

Group B

UVSE‘s continual development was proved in the match against Debreceni. Marked by great teamwork and quick efficiency, Ákos Konarik, Vendvári Vendvár, and Máté Aranyi fought through the tight first three quarters, only to fully shine with the last one where they scored four goals. Now Viktor Varga’s men climbed the ladder just below their opponents.

In other games, Miskolci dominated Tatabanya from the start, ending the match with 11:5. Szolnok defeated Vasas in a quick match with 12:3.

Match Results

Group A

KSI v Eger 5-15 (1-3, 0-4, 2-5, 2-3)
Scorers: Tóth, Bóbis, Horváth, Pető, Bihácsi, ill. Hosnyánszky 3, Biros B. 3, Murisics 3, Rasovics 2, Decker Á., Sánta, Gyárfás, Vlachopoulos

AVUS v BVSC 7-10 (3-3, 2-3, 1-3, 1-1)
Scorers: Basara, Takács, Garancsy, Hajmási, Sági, ill. Pásztor 3, Várnai 2, Létay 2, Mészáros, Szabó B., Csapó

Szentesi v Racionet 10-9 (3-3, 2-0, 2-4, 3-2)
Scorers: Nagy M., 4, Somogyi 3, Pellei, Kiss, Chrysopathis, ill. Szivós 3, Kardos 2, Szirányi 2, Illés, Fülöp

PVSK v Ferencvarosi 5-14 (3-4, 1-2, 1-5, 0-3)
Scorers: Rakonjac 3, Csaba, Zerinváry, ill. Vámos 5, Jansik Sz. 2, Kállay 2, Mezei 2, Sedlmayer, Gór-Nagy, Younger

Group B

UVSE v Debreceni 9-6 (1-2, 2-1, 2-1, 4-2)
Scorers: Konarik 3, Vigvári 2, Rábavölgyi, Korbács, Aranyi, Baksa, ill. Dőry 3, Smitula, Vidovics, La Rosa

Tatabanya v Miskolci 5-11 (2-1, 2-4, 1-5, 0-1)
Scorers: Kolozsi 3, Kalanovics, Máthé, ill. Bowen 3, Vadovics 2, Nagy Á. 2, Bedő, Milicsics, Misics, Sztojanovics

Vasas v Szolnoki 3-12 (2-4, 1-6, 0-0, 0-2)
Scorers: Miklós L., Szabó B., Mátyok, ill. Bátori 2, Lazics 2, Jansik D. 2, Angyal, Zalánki, Szatmári, Alekszics, V. Rasovics, Prlainovics


Group A

  1. Ferencvarosi 27
  2. Eger 24
  3. PVSK 13
  4. Racionet 13
  5. BVSC 13
  6. Szentesi 10
  7. AVUS 6
  8. KSI 0

Group B

  1. OSC 27
  2. Szolnoki 24
  3. Miskolci 21
  4. Debreceni 12
  5. UVSE 9
  6. Tatabanya 7
  7. Vasas 5
  8. Kapsovari 1

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