Hungarian Water Polo — Szolnok is Back in The Game!
Hungarian Water Polo — Szolnok is Back in The Game!
May 20, 2018
World League — Final Eight Schedule Published
May 22, 2018
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As promised last week in our Player’s voice survey results, starting today we are going to release the actions we as a community will be able to take. Every player, coach, club/federation employee or enthusiast can help out along the way and make sure water polo takes a step forward. Your action matters regardless whether you are involved professionally or as an amateur.

The changing rules of the game, judges, and decisions from the FINA and LEN committees, as well as their activity, will have no impact on the actionable steps presented here. We are tired of waiting for the next conference to save the sport. Only we can really save water polo — people who love and respect this tough and underrated sport from the bottom of their heart.

We talked to players, clubs, federations, and realized that we need to start with some basic steps in order to make water polo more popular. This is Action #1:

A Unified and Transparent Water Polo Platform

There are many interdependent and complex actions that need to be done to make water polo more popular – but it is also important to measure the results of the steps taken. Investing in marketing and communication activities means nothing if we do not monitor the effect of these investments.

From that perspective, there are two basic metrics we need to consider — the number of registered water polo players and the number of children enrolled.

To be able to measure growth, we need to establish an initial state. We know that many clubs and associations have databases of their players and that they keep track of the matches. These are mostly written in Excel tables or on a piece of paper. But today’s technology allows us to combine, compare and update information in real time, assisting everyone in the process.

Total Water Polo is currently working on creating a unique platform (Project Total Water Polo Arena) which will be free and available to everyone. We will link the data from around the world to one place. And everyone will benefit from it. Because what gets measured gets managed.

How will you benefit?


Each player will have his profile with general information, achievements and stats. They will be rewarded for the success they achieve. This will give an additional motive to anyone involved in water polo to become better (especially the younger players).


Coaches can use it to see and compare performance data and to adjust the training program and game tactics.

Clubs and Federations

Clubs and federations will be able to see the effect of their campaigns and efforts, to detect some weak points in the development and to adjust their strategies.

Fans and Media

Fans and media will be able to find all interesting information and data about players, clubs and national teams from all around the world

How Can You Help Us?


If you are a player (professional, amateur, young, beach water polo…) please apply via this link.

When you apply, we will add you to our database and create your Total Player profile in Total Water Polo Arena.

Coaches and Federations

If you are a coach at any level or an employee in a club or association, you can upload the Excel tables of your current team(s) or send us a URL link where we can see all the players. You can apply via this form or you can send us your squad list(s) on info@disband-slain.wpmudev.host.


Total Waterpolo Arena will be tested by end of August 2018 and everybody will be able to use it from September 2018.

We bring more actions during the next week so stay tuned and keep supporting our efforts.

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