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November 22, 2018
Total Player 2018 by Robin van Galen
November 22, 2018
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Total Player 2018 by David Paradelo

We continue our Total Player 2018 with the Canadian Juror and his input for the Female category!

As of 2010, Montrealer David Paradelo joined the Canadian National Water Polo Team as an assistant coach. After two successful years in that position, Paradelo climbed the ladder in 2012 and became the head coach — the position he serves even in 2018.

Armed with his Level 4 certification from the National Certification Program, he’s become one of the most important figures in Canadian Women’s Water Polo.

As for his greater achievements, Paradelo led his team to the second place at the Youth World Championships in 2014, Madrid, as well as the silver medal in Youth Pan American Games in 2013, Buenos Aires.

David Paradelo’s Total 5 of 2018

1st – Kiley Neushul

USA National Player | Club: CN Sabadell | Position: Driver

“Has an extraordinary vision and execution within powerhouses teams like the USA or in Sabadell. She still stands out every game even though there are so many talented players around her. Her speed and decisiveness make her incredibly difficult to defend. Whether it is FISU, World Championships, World League or World Cup, she always executes above average.”

2nd – Ekaterina Prokofyeva

Russian National Player | Club: KINEF-Surgutneftegaz: Kirishi | Position: Driver

“Incredible leadership and shooting ability like no other women in terms of different type of releases and confidence in the variation of her shooting releases. She has lead Kirishi back to back Champions League and Russia to medal 3rd place in each tournament this year except Europeans.”

3rd – Beatriz Ortiz

Spanish National Player | Club: CN Sabadell | Position: Driver

“One of the best shooters in the world, or at least probably the best in Power Play. She will shoot very similar shots which should make her predictable but her execution is so neat that she fools everyone every time. She takes most of the responsibilities of shooting in Sabadell and in the Spanish National Team. She plays every game like it’s the Olympic finals.”

4th – Catharina “Sabrina” van der Sloot

Dutch National Player | Club: AS Orizzonte Catania | Position: Wing

“Greatest outside shooter in the world — her precision in the shooting section is unreal. Very few goalkeepers are able to put a hand on her when she shoots as it is always so close to the posts. She has very strong leadership in Orizzonte and in the Netherlands, leading the Italian Team close to championships and the Netherlands to be European Champions.”

5th – Ashleigh Johnson

USA National Player | Club: Orizzonte Catania | Position: Goalkeeper

“Dominating in the net as she covers so much space that shooters tend to overshoot or lob, but she is able to get these type of shots with her long reach by showing very low effort which makes it frustrating for the shooters. She brought Orizzonte to a new level for many years and constantly helps the USA dominate their rivals defensively.”

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