Water Polo Adopts Video Technology! FINA Confirmed Set Of 12 New Rules
December 10, 2018
Total Player 2018 by Ruswaterpolo
Total Player 2018 by Ruswaterpolo
December 11, 2018
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Total Player 2018 by Elvis Fatović

Total Player 2018 by Elvis Fatović

The head coach of the Australian Men’s National Team, as well as one of the most important figures in Croatian water polo – Elvis Fatović – joins the Total Player Award.

His easily envied playing career started in VK Jug and HAVK Mladost. In 2001 and 2006, he took Jug to the Champions League and in 2000, he won the LEN Cup. As for the Croatian National Team, he has 128 matches played and the honor of being known as one of the best regional shooters.

For Fatović, 2007 was the year in which he decided to exit the pool and start coaching. Until 2011 he led VK Jug to the Croatian Championship title, Croatian Cup (twice), and the Adriatic League title.

in 2013, Fatović went to Australia to become the head coach of the Aussie Sharks and later started coaching the Australian Men’s National Team. This is his second year of voting, so check out the results!

Elvis Fatović’s Total 5 of 2018

1st – Andrija Prlainović

Serbian National Player | Club: Szolnoki VSC | Position: Wing

“Prlainović is the kind of player every coach wants in his team. He’s fast and precise while managing the team in the pool. His play in the National Team was crucial, as well as winning the gold medal in Barcelona.”

Felipe Perrone Rocha

2nd – Felipe Perrone

Spanish National Player | Club: Barceloneta | Position: Field Player

“The man who brought his club, Barceloneta, back to life. Even more importantly, he completely turned the Spanish National Team upside down, leading them to the silver medal on the European Championships. Which had a great impact considering the previous season’s bad show in Budapest.”

3rd – Luka Lončar

Croatian National Player | Club: VK Jug | Position: Centre Forward

“The best Center in the world. There’s not much else to say or add when you watch him in the pool. Lončar is the man worthy of this honor.”

Daniel Lopez Pinedo

4th – Daniel Lopez Pinedo

Spanish National Player | Club: Barceloneta | Position: Goalkeeper

“Along with Perrone, Lopez Pinedo is the player who brought the silver to Spain. Even though they play different positions, their influence on the match and the teams was undeniable.”

5th – Xavi Garcia

Spanish/Croatian National Player | Club: VK Jug | Position: Wing

“A player with a uniquely rational style. Whether we’re talking about the offense where he completely dominates with his left-handed play, or especially while in defense where his quality shines the most. He’s an inspiration to his club and the National Team.”

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