Total Player 2018 by Dejan Savić
Total Player 2018 by Dejan Savić
December 1, 2018
Total Player 2018 by Yoji Omoto
Total Player 2018 by Yoji Omoto
December 2, 2018
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Total Player 2018 by Jason Sileno

Total Player 2018 by Jason Sileno

The next vote in the Total Player Female Category comes from South AfricaJason Sileno is the head coach of the SA Women’s National Team, who has been coaching for more than a decade now, collecting experience and passing his knowledge.

With his current team, he’s been at a few World Championships. See his pick for the last season’s best Female Player!

Jason Sileno’s Total 5 of 2018

1st – Margaret Steffens

USA National Player | Club: UVSE | Position: Driver

“The captain of the USA National Team. Steffens is, without a doubt, one of the leading players in today’s women water polo. Apart from her great play, her contribution to important matches is beyond compare. That’s why she deserves the first place on this list.”

2nd – Ashleigh Johnson

USA National Player | Club: Orizzonte Catania | Position: Goalkeeper

“Johnson is completely dominating in her net. It would be easy to say her defenses are unbreakable, which makes her one the best players you can find to defend those fast and tricky shots. Also, every defense she makes looks so effortless that she can easily become a nightmare for her opponents.”

3rd – Rachel Fattal

USA National Player | Club: SOCAL | Position: Driver

“Fattal is extremely good at her position and she exceeds at her play over the years. With a good reason, she’s one of the main players of the USA team. Her contribution in the pool is priceless.”

4th – Laura Ester Ramos

Spanish National Player | Club: CN Sabadell | Position: Goalkeeper

“Ester Ramos is one of the key figures in Spanish Water Polo, as well as one of the best Goalkeepers in the world.”

5th – Rowena Webster

Australian National Player | Club: Victorian Tigers | Position: Centre Back

“An outstanding Back player who became the captain of the Australian team.”

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