Triglav Regional League — HAVK Mladost Proves its Dominance, Jug Crushes Partizan
Triglav Regional League — HAVK Mladost Proves its Dominance, Jug Crushes Partizan
November 26, 2018
Dragan Matutinović
Total Player 2018 by Dragan Matutinović
November 26, 2018
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Total Player 2018 by Petar Porobić

Total Player 2018 by Petar Porobić

The Total Player 2018 Male Category continues with Petar Porobić — the ex-player from Montenegro who found his place as the coach of the China Men’s National Team.

Throughout his career, Porobić has built a reputation as one of the finest European coaches, working as the president of the World Water Polo Coaches Association. He was the first Montenegrin head coach, forming one of the strongest teams in international water polo. Before the independent Montenegrin team, he led the national team of former Serbia and Montenegro to the world title in 2005.

Petar Porobić’s Total 5 of 2018

1st – Andrija Prlainović

Serbian National Player | Club: Szolnoki VSC | Position: Wing

“Prlainović is the most complete player up to date. Despite the finals of the club season, when his injury got in the way of the European Championships, he delivered a competent and great play to his National Team.”

Felipe Perrone Rocha

2nd – Felipe Perrone

Spanish National Player | Club: Barceloneta | Position: Field Player

“Even though the international trophy eluded him this year, he’s definitely the player who gave a lot and more of himself to his club, and especially to his National Team.”

3rd – Ioannis Fountoulis

Greek National Player | Club: Olympiacos Piraeus | Position: Centre Forward, Wing

“Fountoulis is a killer shooter who greatly contributed to winning the Champions League this season.”

4th – Aleksandar Ivović

Montenegrin National Player | Club: Pro Recco | Position: Driver

“Years don’t weight on his shoulders at least. Although he’s already in his thirties, he’s still the best back player in the world. He’s both the leader and ‘engine’ of Pro Recco.”

5th – Luka Lončar

Croatian National Player | Club: VK Jug | Position: Centre Forward

“Lončar is one of the best centers in the world at the moment, which he shows by playing in Jug and in the Croatian National Team.”

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