Total Player 2018 by Giorgos Morfesis
Total Player 2018 by Giorgos Morfesis
December 8, 2018
Total Player 2018 by Water Polo Italy
December 9, 2018
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Total Player 2018 by Tamás Märcz

Total Player 2018 by Tamás Märcz

There are not many successful coaches who could say they had fulfilled playing careers as much as Tamás Märcz had. Our today’s Juror for the Male Category had his fill in the pool, playing for nine clubs from Hungary, Italy, and Malta. Eger and Pro Recco are just a couple to mention during the 20 years of his playing career.

As he was getting his hands on numerous trophies internationally, he received the Italian citizenship in order to play for the National Team. In 2013, he joined BVSC as the head coach and later took over the Hungarian Women’s Team. Since 2017, he is the head coach of the Hungarian National Team. That same year, Hungary won the silver medal at the World Championships in Budapest.

As a part of one of the strongest water polo forces in the world, he’s only started and many opportunities await. Märcz picked his Total 5 – check it out below!

Tamás Märcz’s Total 5 of 2018

Daniel Lopez Pinedo

1st – Daniel Lopez Pinedo

Spanish National Player | Club: Barceloneta | Position: Goalkeeper

“Lopez Pinedo had an excellent performance at the European Championships and in the Final Eight. He got two medals in two competitions, and his effort contributed a lot to both. That’s the reason enough to put his name on top of this list.”

Felipe Perrone Rocha

2nd – Felipe Perrone

Spanish National Player | Club: Barceloneta | Position: Field Player

“The man who gave it all and some little extra playing for the Spanish National Team and for Barceloneta. He’s a leader, one of the best playmakers, and can play in any position. But what’s most important, he plays all four quarters the same – on the highest possible level.”

3rd – Ioannis Fountoulis

Greek National Player | Club: Olympiacos Piraeus | Position: Centre Forward, Wing

“Fountoulis is the player responsible for the goals Olympiacos and the Greek National Team got in key moments. It’s enough to say he was a big part of the victory Olympiacos celebrated in the Final Eight.”

4th – Filip Filipović

Serbian National Player | Club: Pro Recco | Position: Wing

“Undoubtedly the leader of Pro Recco and the Serbian National Team. Filipović’s leadership is beyond compare, which can easily be seen in the way he fits in with both teams.”

5th – Aleksandar Ivović

Montenegrin National Player | Club: Pro Recco | Position: Driver

“Looking back at Montenegro, Ivović is a definite choice for the Total Player. He’s the player who won the World League and gave quality to the overall play. Ivović is the best defender who gives a lot, even in scoring and dominating the playmaking areas.”

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