Victories for Greece, Russia, Hungary and Italy, Spain Wins One But Loses One Too — Women World league
Victories for Greece, Russia, Hungary and Italy, Spain Wins One But Loses One Too — Women World league
November 8, 2018
Women’s Super Cup Final – Preview
Women’s Super Cup Final – Preview
November 9, 2018
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Szolnoki and Eger Dominating The Fourth Leg of The Hungarian League

Szolnoki and Eger Dominating The Fourth Leg of The Hungarian League

Photo: Madar Dávid / MVLSZ

As the groups’ standings slowly profile in the Hungarian Water Polo League, the best eight teams become the best six. See what the fourth leg brought to the table!

Group A

Surprisingly enough, after three quarters in, Szentesi managed to keep the score equalized with Ferencvarosi. But after a somewhat sluggish play and 5:5 at the end of the third quarter, Ferencvaros got back in the game, scoring five goals opposed to Szentesi’s two.

Eger tested their opponent’s strength in the first quarter. Avus held their half of the pool pretty hard, not allowing Norbert Dabrowski‘s team to take the lead to soon. Nonetheless, it happened in the second quarter, where Eger scored goals faster than their opponent’s defenses aligned. The match ended with 16:7 in the favorite’s favor.

What followed was a hectic match between PVSK and RacionetSimon Roland and Kardos Alexander pushed the score in Racionet’s favor, but by the tenth minute, the home team equalized. Counter-attacks came swirling down and the second quarter left the guests without a single goal. András Merész’s team managed to get back on their feet. Yet it wasn’t enough, and PVSK won by a goal difference.

BVCS was confident against KSI. They played the first two quarters with such strength that KSI didn’t manage to catch up, even though they dominated in the last two quarters. 13:11 was the final score.

Group B

Even with a rough past couple of days, Szolnoki delivered what was expected. It was especially challenging for Živko Gocić, who fought the second round of the Champions League before the match against Tatabanya. Szolnoki started with a domination and extended it until the last quarter when they fell back. But the score remained well on their side as the game ended with 11:4.

Vasas, after defeating Debreceni in the last leg, wanted to surprise László Földi‘s crew, but the match ended up against their wishes. Although they played tightly and up-to-game with Miskolci, the third quarter crushed them to the ground. From there, they couldn’t rise back up, making it clear they were getting any points for this round.

Debreceni and Kaposvari played a decent match that kept the audience on their feet for the entire game. Kaposvari was always just an inch away from taking the lead in the quarters, but Miroslav Bajin‘s team was out of reach. The match ended with 11:8.

In Group B’s final match, OSC swept the floor with UVSE with almost 20 goals goal-difference (22:3).

Photo: Madar Dávid / MVLSZ


Group A

PVSK v Racionet 8-7 (1-2, 3-0, 2-4, 2-1)
Scorers : Jakab 3, Rakonjac 2, Csacsovszky A. , Chilkó, Csaba M., Simon R. 3, Kardos 2, Juhász, Szirányi

Szentesi v Ferencvarosi 7-10 (2-3, 1-1, 2-1, 2-5)
Scorer: Somogyi 2, Nagy M., Pellei, Werner, Kiss K., Kuzmenko,

AVUS v Eger 7-16 (4-4, 1-4, 1-5, 1-3)
Scorers: Kállay 2, Jaksics 2, Sedlmayer, German, Mezei, Gór-Nagy, Younger, Goalkeepers : Ekler B. 2, Garancsy, Hajmási, Juhász, Baj, Polovic, Hosnyánszky 3, Kürti 3, Murisics 3, Gyárfás 2, Tóth B., Sánta, Avramovics, Rasovics, Vlachopoulos

BVSC v KSI 13-11 (3-2, 6-2, 3-4, 1-3)
Scorers: Várnai 4, Czigány 2, Pásztor 2, Kovacs P., Ambrus, Csapó, Lajkó, Török or. Bóbis 4, B. Tóth, Hevesi, Schmölcz, Bihácsi, G. Tóth, Thieves, Gábor L.

Group B

Tatabanya v Szolnoki 4-11 (0-4, 1-3, 0-2, 3-2)
Scorers: Kolozsi 2, Szentesi, Kolarik, ill . Kis 2, Teleki 2, Aleksics 2, Bátor, Jansik D., Zalánki, Angel, Rasovics

Vasas v Miskolci 6-12 (2-2, 2-3, 0-3, 2-4 )
Scorers : Sélley 3, Bencz, Halek, Miklós, Misics 3, Lőrincz 2, Vadovics 2, Nagy Á., Milicsics, Stojanovics

Kaposvari v Debreceni 8-11 (1-2, 2-4, 2-3, 3-2)
Scorers: Sántavy 2, Vindisch, Telegdy, Berta, Juhász-Szelei, Tóth K., Giga , ill. 3, 2, 3, Döry 2, Kovacs G. 2, Macsi P., Fejös, Smitula, La Rosa

UVSE v OSC 3-22 (1-8, 5, 0-6)
Scorers: Korbács, Baksa, Vigvári, Ubovics 4, Erdélyi 3, Kovács G. 3, Tóth M. 3, Seman 2, Brguljan 2, Randelovics 2, Bundschuh, Burián, Salamon


Group A

  1. Eger 12
  2. FTC 12
  3. BVSC 9
  4. Racionet 9
  5. PVSK 3
  6. Szentesi 0
  7. KSI 0
  8. AVUS 0

Group B

  1. Szolnoki 12
  2. Miskolc 12
  3. OSC 12
  4. Debreceni 9
  5. Tatabanya 3
  6. Vasas 0
  7. UVSE 0
  8. Kaposvári 0

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