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Tatabanya Remains Undefeated, The Upper Stage Has Two More Games to Go – Hungarian Water Polo

Photo: Madar David / MVLSZ

In the Upper Stage, Miskolc and Debrecen carried the victory, while we’ll have to wait for March 20 to see the rest of the games. In the Lower Stage, Tatabanya still remains undefeated with a draw, and three teams collected three points.

Lower Stage

The fourth round of the middle season saw Kaposvar and KSI battling at the Kaposvar’s pool. József Berta’s team led throughout the match, ending with 10:5, easily collecting three points.

While the game went smoothly for Kaposvar, Szentesi struggled to get their points against UVSE. They won the first quarter with 3:1, and failed to deliver the same play in the second one, where UVSE took the lead thanks to Ákos Konarik shots. After the draw in the first half-time, Tibor Benedek’s boys pressed harder as Marton Nagy led a few charges at UVSE’s goal. Their opponents failed to respond, leaving three goals behind.

There was no shortage of excitement when PVSK played a draw against Tatabanya – the team that has not yet been defeated in the midseason. They’ve set a decent distance in the score from the beginning (3:5), though they quickly lost it to Lóránd Zerinváry’s attacks and his four scored shots. Both teams struggled, but only to see a draw in the last second.

Vasas and AVUS played a match with fewer goals than the rest. The game was balanced throughout the quarters, and AVUS carried a victory back home.

Upper Stage

Szolnoki and Ferencvaros had a long weekend fighting in the Champions League, which means we are to see them play in their national league on March 20.

However, their responsibilites outside the home-league didn’t outshine Miskolc’s play against BVSC. All until the last quarter, the score has been equalized. On the home side, Alexander Brant Bowen and Ognjen Stojanovic stood out with three goals. On the guests’ side, Mátyás Pásztor’s scored four. It was 8:8 by the last quarter, and then Bowen pulled out a couple of tricks, scoring two more goals for Miskolc and the final 10:8.

Debrecen played a fast-paced match against Racionet, where both teams scored furiously. Gergő Fekete and Márton Szivós took the spotlight with four goals each, though in the end, Debrecen celebrated with one goal-difference (13:12).

Photo: Madar David / MVLSZ

Match Results

Lower Stage

Kaposvár v KSI 10-5 (2-0, 4-2, 1-2, 3-1)
Scorers: Giga 3, Vindisch 2, Juhász-Szelei 2, Kovács O. 2, Berta, ill. Dávid 2, Bóbis, Horváth, Gábor

Szentes v UVSE 12-9 (3-1, 1-3, 4-2, 4-3)
Scorers: Nagy M. 2, Pellei K. 2, Chrysopathis 2, Hegedűs, Pellei F., Somogyi, Vörös, Kuzmenko, ill. Korényi 3, Baksa 2, Konarik 2, Vigvári Vendel 2

PVSK v Tatabánya 11-11 (3-5, 3-2, 3-2, 2-2)
Scorers: Zerinváry 4, Csacsovszky E. 2, Rakonjac, Csacsovszky A., Chilkó, Opacak, ill. Kolozsi 4, Kalanovics 3, Keresztúri 2, Szentesi Á. 2

Vasas v AVUS 6-8 (2-3, 1-1, 2-1, 1-3)
Scorers: Vogel S. 2, Bencz, Halek, Sélley Rauscher, Hegedűs, ill. Garancsy 2, Kiss Cs., Takács, Irmes, Polovic, Ekler, Basara

Upper Stage

Miskolc v BVSC 10-8 (2-2, 5-2, 1-4, 2-0)
Scorers: Bowen 3, Stojanovics 3, Misics 2, Lőrincz, Vadovics, ill. Pásztor 4, Kovács P., Szabó B., Czigány, Sugár

Debrecen v Racionet 13-12 (3-0, 3-2, 5-4, 2-6)
Scorers: Fekete 4, Vidovics 3, Macsi P. 2, Durik 2, Dőry, La Rosa, ill. Szivós 4, Manhercz Á. 3, Kiss G. 2, Simon A., Juhász, Szirányi

Wednesday, March 20

Szolnoki v Eger, 19:00

FTC v OSC, 19:30


Lower Stage

  1. PVSK 26
  2. Tatabánya 23
  3. Szentesi 23
  4. AVUS 17
  5. Vasas 17
  6. UVSE 16
  7. Kaposvari 10
  8. KSI 0

Upper Stage

  1. FTC 51
  2. OSC 51
  3. Eger 40
  4. Szolnoki 39
  5. Miskolci 36
  6. Debreceni 24
  7. BVSC 21
  8. Racionet 20

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