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June 9, 2019
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June 18, 2019
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Team USA Wins SuperFinal Title and Secures Tokyo 2020.

Source: fina.org

Team USA is qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Team USA clinched its 13th FINA Water Polo World League crown on Sunday June 9 in Budapest, Hungary, defeating strong contender Italy. It was the fourth time these two teams have met in the gold medal match of the Super Final (previously in 2006, 2011, 2014).

No sensations were registered in the lower part of the chart in the consolation finals; Russia claimed the silver medal against the strong Dutch team 7-10, Australia edged out home girls Hungary for the 5th place, 7-12, and Canada showed strength against China to land on the 7th, 13-10.

4 individual trophies were handed out during the awarding ceremony to see two American water polo legends atop of the MVP’s chart – Makenzie Fischer received the prize for the Gold medals match, and her teammate Maddeline Musselman – for the 2019 Super Final, as the scorers ranking saw Hungarian captain Rita Keszthelyi and Maud Megens of the Netherlands atop finishing on 17 goals apiece. One more Dutch Laura Aarts awarded the Best goalkeeper’s prize of the tournament to go along with the ones she received at the European championships-2018.

“I expected a tough final against Italy and I was right. Even Italy was leading in some parts of the game, we could recover because my players have a lot of faith in them no matter if we play good or bad. Italy was fantastic, they were really prepared and they played very well. They were great in extra man. I can not say much good about our own game. In fact, that was one of the worst coached game I have ever done. The nice thing is that we have got plenty of things to work on now. We can focus on this in the next one and a half month before starting the world championships.” – Adam Krikorian, Head coach of the team USA.

“The final was a really though game. I am really happy, that we could win it. That was super exciting. I even more satisfied with the fact we have managed to get our ticket for the Olympics. The next Sunday I am celebrating my birthday, and this will definitely be a good present for me.” – Maddie Musselman, forward of the team USA, MVP of the tournament.

Results & fixtures

Day 1: June 4, 2019
Group B: RUS 19 – 17 CAN (after penalty shootout)
Group A: NED 15 – 7 CHN
Group B: USA 12 – 9 HUN
Group A: AUS 9 – 11 ITA

Day 2: June 5, 2019
Group A: AUS 10 – 8 CHN
Group B: USA 15 – 4 CAN
Group A: NED 7 – 8 ITA
Group B: RUS 14 – 9 HUN

Day 3: June 6, 2019
Group B: RUS 7 – 12 USA
Group A: NED 8 – 7 AUS
Group B: CAN 14 – 16 HUN
Group A: CHN 7 – 10 ITA

Group A: Italy 9, Netherlands 6, Australia 3, China 0

Group B: USA 9, Russia 5, Hungary 3, Canada 1

Day 4: June 7, 2019
AUS 7 – 8 RUS
ITA 10 – 15 CAN
NED 12 – 10 HUN
CHN 6 – 21 USA

Day 5: June 8, 2019
HUN 15 – 14 CHN
AUS 15 – 9 CAN
NED 6 – 8 USA
RUS 12 – 13 ITA (after penalty shootout)

Day 6: June 9, 2019
7th place: CHN 10 – 13 CAN
5th place: HUN 7- 12 AUS
3rd place: NED 7 – 10 RUS
Final: USA 10 – 9 ITA

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