Mladost and Jug Get One Point Each, Šabac Bests Partizan Again - Triglav League
Mladost and Jug Get One Point Each, Šabac Bests Partizan Again – Triglav League
January 28, 2019
Šabac Almost Resist Mladost's Domination, Jadran Continues Winning Streak - Triglav League
Šabac Almost Resists Mladost’s Domination, Jadran Split Continues Winning – Triglav League
February 3, 2019
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The 10th Round Brings OSC and Ferencvarosi Flawless Streaks – Hungarian Water Polo

Photo: Attila Vasas

The tenth round of the Hungarian Championship secured the top places in both groups, while Racionet, BVSC, and Debreceni jumped to the best four of their groups.

Group A

A tough match waited for Avus when Zsolt Varga’s team met them in the pool. Fradi played outstanding defense, allowing the opposite team to visit their goal only six times throughout the game. Ferencvaros, on the other side, had magnificent 17 goals scored, of which Jansik Szilárd and Aaron Younger scored four each.

Racionet crushed KSI with ease, climbing the standings with the new 16 points in total. BVSC and Szentesi played a tight match, which was ultimately won by the great defenses played on BVSC’s side (9:4).

Group B

After the last brilliant victory, Miskolci met with UVSE at the Komyadi pool. Another won match occurred and they kept the third position on the standings, just below OSC and Szolnoki.

The leader of the group, OSC, won once again, rounding their streak without losses and draws. The follow-uppers – Szolnoki – ended the tenth round with a clear victory against Kaposvari (12:4).

Vasas and Debreceni, who were fighting for the fourth place in the standing gave out a great final match of the round. It was a tight match, but Debreceni carried the victory, joining the best teams of the group.

Photo: Madar David / MVLSZ

Match Results

Group A

KSI v Racionet 5-14 (0-2, 2-3, 2-6, 1-3)
Scorers: Bóbis 2, Hevesi, Pető, Tóth G., respectively. Manhercz Á. 4, Illés 3, Juhász 2, Kiss B., Kiss G., R. R., Szivós, Gregor

AVUS v Ferencvarosi 6-17 (2-5, 1-4, 2-3 , 1-5)
Scorers: Takács J. 2, Irmes P., Takács K., Baj, Basara, or. Younger 4, Jansik No. 4, German 2, Gór-Nagy 2, Sedlmayer, Kállay, Pohl, Gál, Várkonyi

BVSC v Szentesi 9-4 (2-1, 1-1, 3 -1, 3-1)
Scorers: Várnai 3, Pásztor 2, Lajkó, Török, Létay, Sugár, or. Kiss K., Nagy, M., Red, Chrysopathis

Group B

UVSE v Miskolci 5-16 (1-4, 3-6, 1-3, 0-3)
Scorers: Aranyi, Baksa, Konarik, Vamos , Siladian, or Lőrincz 3, Bedő 3, Vadovics 3, Misics 2, Stojanovics 2, Hornyák, Á. Nagy, Banicsevics

Tatabanya v OSC 4-15 (0-5, 2-3, 1-3, 1-4)
Scorers: Kolozsi 2, Szentesi 2, respectively. Manhercz K. 4, Ukropina 3, Hárai 2, Szabó B. 2, G. Kovács, Burián, Seman, Ubovics

Kaposvari v Szolnoki 4-12 (2-2, 1-2, 0- 0, 1-8)
Scorers: Dobos, Juhász-Szelei, O. Kovács, Pataki, and Aleksics 3, Prlainovics 2, Lazics 2, Bátori, D. Jansik, Zalánki, Angyal, Rasovics

Vasas v Debreceni 10-9 (3-1, 2-1, 2-4, 3-3)
Scorers: Bencz 4, Miklós 4, Sélley Rauscher, Hegedűs, or Dőry 3, Macsi P. 2, Macsi M. 2, Milk, Black


Group A

  1. Ferencvarosi 30
  2. Eger 27
  3. Racionet 16
  4. BVSC 16
  5. PVSK 13
  6. Szentesi 10
  7. AVUS 6
  8. KSI 0

Group B

  1. OSC 30
  2. Szolnoki 27
  3. Mickolci 24
  4. Debreceni 12
  5. UVSE 9
  6. Vasas 8
  7. Tatabanya 7
  8. Kaposvari 1

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