Echeyde will stay in Division of Honor
April 25, 2018
Magyar Technical Committee Meets Before the FINA Congress, Brings News Suggestions
Magyar Technical Committee Meets Before the FINA Congress, Brings News Suggestions
April 26, 2018
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UPDATE: 2018 World League Super Finals moved to Budapest!

Water Polo World League Round 03 Preview


FINA has now decided to move the Final Eight tournament of the 2018 World League to the Duna Aréna between 18th and 23rd June, according to‘s report earlier today.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) announced after the culmination of the World League qualifiers that the finals tournament would take place in Russia, but there has now been a change of plan which means the showpiece event will now take place in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest.

It is with delight that I can inform everyone that the Men’s World League Final Eight Super finals will be held in Budapest between 18th and 23rd June”, Máté Hesz, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Water Polo Association revealed.

“There’s no contract yet but we have a verbal agreement according to which the venue will be the Duna Aréna. Due to the short timeframe involved, it was decided that FINA will sign a contract with Bp. 2017 Kft, the organising committee of last year’s FINA World Championships in Budapest, with the Hungarian Waterpolo Association (MVLSZ) on hand to provide technical support for competition- and tournament management-related tasks. Both Bp. 2017 Ltd. and MVLSZ agreed to FINA’s request, so fans of water polo will see high-quality water polo in our country this summer too“.

We reported on the alleged reasons for the last-minute change of heart that FINA had regarding the hosting location for their World League Super Finals here.

Groups in the 2018 World League Super Final

Group A

 Number  Team Name  Flag
 A1  Australia  
 A2  Montenegro  
 A3  Japan  
 A4  Hungary  

Group B

 Number  Team Name  Flag
 B1  United States  
 B2  Croatia  
 B3  Kazakhstan  
 B4  Russia  

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  1. Since Russia is no longer the host country, who will take their place in the super-final?

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