Jadran Carine Is The Champion of Montenegro!
Jadran Carine Is The Champion of Montenegro!
May 6, 2018
Malta Winter League - San Giljan Got the Third Consecutive Victory
Malta Winter League – San Giljan Got the Third Consecutive Victory
May 7, 2018
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Vincenzo Renzuto: “I See Us In Genoa”

“I believe in our team and I see us in Genoa.”

After a series of great performances for Italian national team on the World Championship last summer, he traded his Posilipp cape for VK Jug’s. Vincenzo Renzuto became Italy’s first national player to play in Jug CO. With a great form since Budapest, he continued to strive in Dubrovnik, proving the quality of his play. Jug’s “Nine” gave a review of the almost-ending season.

How do you comment on the semifinal match against Split’s Mornar?

Even before the match in Gruž, it was clear to us that we were the favored one in this duel, which we have proven. The match in Split will serve as a good preparation for the season match against Moscow’s Dynamo, which is waiting for us in Gruž on Wednesday.

What do you expect in the final series?

I think we are the favorites for winning the Croatian Championship. Regardless of who we play against in the final series, we have to show how strong we are. We will do our best to win the third title this season as well.

What do you think about the current season so far?

All in all, the season was very good. We have won the Regional League with no games lost. In the Croatian Championship, we came to the finals. In my opinion, we played quite well in the Champions League, but we could have taken more points.

There has been progressing in our game lately, unlike the first part of the season. We have shown this in the victories against Olympiacos and Brescia in Gruž’s pool. The team is still young and I think we still didn’t reach our full potential.

What are your thoughts on the Final Eight?

As far as Final Eight is concerned, we must first ensure our placement. We are focused on Wednesday and the match against Dynamo, which we have to win. I believe in the team and see us in Genoa in the final tournament, which was our primary goal this season. Every good result there is an additional prize.

There are no strong favorites in the Final Eight, but I would give a little advantage to Pro Recco because they have a great team and are playing home. However, I think that in the matches, which are decided by a single game, everything is possible. Still, that’s far away from us. First, we need to go to Genoa, and then we’ll see what we are ready for.

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