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Sandro Sukno Ends his Professional Career

Sandro Sukno announced the end of his professional career due to the medical conditions after his heart surgery from last year. In his official statement, he explains how this decision came to be and what the determining factors were that moved him to this difficult decision.

To recap, After winning the World Championship Title and the Total Player Award in 2017 many thought he was set to dominate the scene for the next couple of years, but unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as expected. A routine medical test determined a heart condition, which would set him on a long path of uncertainty about his athletic future.

“Dear friends,

fellow teammates, coaches, water polo officials and above all, dear fans, I feel obliged to inform the public about how I had to make a difficult decision. Due to medical reasons, I decided to end my active playing career.

After the heart surgery in the USA at the beginning of last year, which had successfully removed all of my troubles, and the recovery over the past year, contact with several of the most established experts from Croatia and abroad, and after thorough reviews and check-ups, it turned out that my total health condition was not optimal for continuing top-of-the-line athletic activities and that there was no 100% guarantee for the security of my health.

I decided to have surgery in Cleveland because of water polo, which has always been an integral part of my life. The same has been true during the recovery period, and I did everything I could to get the complete opinion from the best and most established doctors, and the clearest picture of my health. Unfortunately, I will not be able to rejoin my fellow team members in the competitive pool, but just like water polo is an integral part of me, I hope to never leave this wonderful and successful sport to which I am personally indebted.

I would especially like to thank all those who were part of my active career. My family, teammates, coaches and officials. I thank the fans and the public for all the overwhelming love I received during my career, especially during the last couple of years. A big “Thank You” to all the doctors who did all they could to help me with the desired return to the pool.

I would like to thank all the clubs I got to be a member of during my career, especially my home club VK Jug CO, where I have been recovering and training during the last season hoping for a return.

Thanks to the Croatian Water Polo Association for the attention, understanding and full support I enjoyed throughout this time.

I will forever stay the biggest fan of our Croatian water polo team and Croatian sport.”
– Sandro Sukno

We wish Sandro all the best in his future around and away from the water polo pools of this world – we are sure we haven’t heard the last from him when it comes to our beloved sport. We are sad to see him go, but support him in his no doubt difficult decision. Thank you for the wonderful moments of athletic excellence and pure skill we were able to enjoy during your active career – Stay Strong!

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