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+1 Pt | Claudia Marletta (ITA)

Italian National Team Player. Club: Orizzonte Catania. Position: Center Back

One of the best players in the world last year, both at international competitions with Italy and also with Ekkipe Orizzonte. Great passion, big long-distance goals, and effort by the Italian protagonist.

+2 Pts | Rita Keszthelyi (HUN)

Hungarian National Team Player. Club: Mataro. Position: Driver.

Our forever MVP. Oustanding. GOAT.

+3 Pts | Tilly Kearns (AUS)

Autralian National Team Player. Clubs: Stanford. Position: Center Forward

The 23-year-old Australian center forward impressed everyone in Fukuoka, leading her country to a 3rd place final in the World Championships. Magnificent.

+4 Pts | Elena Ruiz (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Sant Andreu. Position: Driver

So young, but so efficient. Elena Ruiz is already writing history, and we are pleased to see her progress in every big moment of the Spanish national team. Fair enough to be the MVP of the World Championships in Fukuoka.

WP 30+ Masters Tournament

The perfect excuse for an unforgettable vacation.

Van de Kraats540x540

+5 Pts | Simone Van de Kraats (NED)

Dutch National Team Player. Club: Mataro. Position: Right Wing

Ultimate power inside the water. World Champion and spectacular to see in every game both with Mataro and Netherlands (20 goals in Fukuoka).

+1 Pts | Thomas Vernoux (FRA)

French National Team Player. Club: Marseille. Position: Center Forward

Not the best results for Marseille last year in Europe, but the young player is outstanding, so this is a vote to fuel him up for the next few years. Vernoux was the most important player for France on the road to 6th place in the world in Fukuoka, and we wish someday to play in the Greek pools.

+2 Pts | Emmanouil Zerdevas (GRE)

Greek National Team Player. Club: Olympiacos. Position: Goalkeeper

One of the biggest comebacks in world water polo by Manos Zerdevas who suffered a serious injury but overcame many difficulties and reached the podium of the World Championships in Fukuoka. The Greek hero was nominated as the Most Valuable Goalkeeper of the tournament in Japan! Best in the World!

+3 Pts | Alvaro Granados (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position: Driver

What a season for Alvaro Granados who was an absolute hero for VK Novi Beograd helping the Serbs to reach the LEN Champions League final and also proving that fast thinking is quite important in water polo. Also, a bronze medalist in World Championships in Fukuoka.

+4 Pts | Konstantinos Kakaris (GRE)

Greek National Team Player. Club: Pro Recco / Jug AO. Position: Center Forward

Great step up by the young Greek center forward, who was a key part of Greece's success last year, winning the silver medal at the World Championship along with his partner in 2m - Dimitris Nikolaidis. Kakaris is now the only Greek player ever to play for the biggest club in the world, Pro Recco so we are expecting even more from him.

+5 Pts | Gergo Zalanki (HUN)

Hungarian National Team Player. Club: Pro Recco. Position: Right Driver

Outstanding performances, star quality, and crucial in the biggest moments. Zalanki was a treat for the eyes of every water polo fan around the world, both with Hungary (19 goals) and Pro Recco. European Champion in LEN Champions League and World Champion in Fukuoka