Total Player 2023 by Ekaterina Prokofyeva

December 12, 2023

The 2018 Total Player Award winner, Ekaterina Prokofyeva, stands out as one of Russia’s finest players and returns to participate as an expert juror in our Total Player Award.

The 32-year-old boasts a remarkable career as a multiple-time club and international champion, primarily with the Russian powerhouse KINEF Kirishi. Her significant contributions have played a pivotal role in the club’s rise to prominence in Russia.

On the international stage, Ekaterina has secured two European Championships (in 2008 and 2010) and a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Beyond her on-field achievements, Ekaterina serves as a leader for her club and country, and she actively contributes to the sport’s growth. As a valuable resource for aspiring players looking to enhance their technical skills, she maintains a free-to-view YouTube channel where she flawlessly demonstrates various drills.





Van de Kraats540x540

+1 Pt | Simone Van de Kraats (NED)

Netherlands National Team Player. Club: Mataro. Position: Right-wing

Has a difficult shot, great technique, one of the leaders of her team!

+2 Pts | Rita Keszthelyi (HUN)

Hungary National Team Player. Club: Mataro. Position: Driver

Feels the game, leader of her team and a great striker!
Van der Sloot540x540

+3 Pts | Sabrina Van der Sloot (NED)

Netherlands National Team Player. Club: Sabadell. Position: Utility/h4> Sabrina is a great striker, knows her job well and does her job well.


+4 Pts | Judith Forca (ESP)

Spain National Team Player. Club: Sabadell. Position: Right-Wing

She will take responsibility at the right moment and lead the team, great player!

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+5 Pts | Caterina Banchelli (ITA)

Italy National Team Player. Clubs: SIS Roma. Position: Goalkeeper

Very confident and undeniable, good goalkeeper, key to the success of the team.