Total Player 2023 by Theodoros Vlachos

November 5, 2023

Theodoros Vlachos has been coaching the Greek team since 2014, and during this period, the team has been progressing from year to year.

Since 2014, Greece has won eight medals. The team’s success story continued in 2021 when they achieved a historic milestone by winning the Olympic silver medal. Last year, they won the bronze medal at the World Championships.

The series of successes extended into 2023. The Greeks managed to reach another final. They won silver in Fukuoka and qualified for the upcoming Olympics in Paris.

Nikolaidis540x540 (1)

+1 Pts | Dimitrios Nikolaidis (GRE)

Greek National Team Player. Club: Vouliagmeni/Olympiacos. Position: Centre-forward.

He did a great job with his club, Vouliagmeni, and was very important for the Greek National Team.

+2 Pts | Alvaro Granados (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position: Attacker.

A very important player for both teams, Novi Beograd and Spain. He has been one of the best attackers in the last few seasons.

+3 Pt | Ben Hallock (USA)

Team USA player. Club:Pro Recco. Position Centre-forward.

He had a great season with Recco and the USA National Team.

+4 Pts | Konstantinos Kakaris (GRE)

Greek National Team Player. Clubs: Jug/Pro Recco. Position: Centre-forward

His performances during the season with Jug and the Greek National Team were really impressive.

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+5 Pts | Gergo Zalanki (HUN)

Hungarian National Team Player. Club: Pro Recco. Position: Wing

He was the key player for Pro Reco and the National Team of Hungary this year.