Total Player 2023 by Valeria Palmieri

November 13, 2023

Valeria Palmieri, a powerful centre-forward, is the captain of the Italian Setterosa and Italy’s reigning champions, Ekipe Orizzonte.Β  Here are her votes:


+1 Pt | Dafne Bettini (ITA)

Italian National Team Player. Club: Ekipe Orizzonte. Position: Right Driver

A young but intelligent player that steps up in big moments.

+2 Pts | Laura Aarts (NED)

Dutch National Team Player. Club: Mataro. Position: Goalkeeper

This year she had a great World Cup and it was difficult to score goals for her

+3 Pts | Roberta Bianconi (ITA)

Italian National Team Player. Club: Rapallo. Position: Driver.

A finals player, she always manages to drag the team along

+4 Pts | Maica Garcia (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Sabadell. Position: Centre-Forward

A strong center that always knows what to do in the center

WP 30+ Masters Tournament

The perfect excuse for an unforgettable vacation.


+5 Pts | Bronte Halligan (AUS)

Australian National Team Player. Clubs: Ekipe Orizzonte. Position: Right Side

An universal player strong both in attack and defense