Total Player 2023 by Alessandro Bovo

December 1, 2023

Alessandro Bovo, a former player of the Italian national team who won Olympic gold in 1992 and silver in 1996, has played a vital role in Brescia’s successes in the last 15 years.

He was appointed as Brescia’s head coach in 2008. Eight years after the Italian team won its fourth LEN Euro Cup and became a regular participant in the Champions League Final Eight the following year. In 2021, Brescia broke Pro Recco’s domination and won the Italian Championships. Shortly afterward, the club achieved its best-ever result in the Champions League, winning the bronze medal. Brescia is still the second-best Italian team and one of the best in Europe.


+1 Pts | Felipe Perrone (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Barceloneta. Position: Driver.


+2 Pts | Maro Jokovic (CRO)

Croatian Player. Club: Jug. Position: Wing.


+3 Pts | Angelos Vlachopoulos (GRE)

Greek National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position:Driver.


+4 Pts | Denes Varga (HUN)

Hungarian National Team Player. Club: Ferencvaros. Position: Driver

WP 30+ Masters Tournament

The perfect excuse for an unforgettable vacation.


+5 Pts | Alvaro Granados (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position: Driver