Total Player 2023 by Marton Benczur

November 4, 2023

Marton Benczur, the UVSE head coach, has led the team to victory in seven major titles since 2016, including multiple Hungarian Championships, Euro League bronze in 2020/21. He is also very successful as Hungary’s junior national team coach. Last season, he won the Euro Cup with UVSE and the U20 World Championship gold with Hungary. Here are his TOP 5 for TPA 2023:


+1 Pt | Claudia Marletta (ITA)

Italian National Team Player. Club: Orizzonte Catania. Position: Center Back

Italy has been achieving better and better results in past competitions, and Claudia Marletta has played a significant role in it. She is very passionate and can ignite the fire in all of her teammates. With a great shot, excellent anticipation, and a strong presence in defense, she's a valuable asset to the team.

+2 Pts | Jordan Raney (USA)

USA National Team Player. Club: Olympiacos. Position: Driver.

My vote might be a bit surprising to those who haven't known her for long, but it's obvious to me. She had a great WC in Fukuoka, excelling in defense, and her shot is one of the smartest among all players. She always remains calm and confident, making her one of the best players on the great USA team.

+3 Pts | Judith Forca (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Sabaell. Position: Driver

Her level of play doesn't decline with the years; in fact, she keeps improving year after year. She is still a lethal shooter and plays with intelligence, making smart passes to her teammates

+4 Pts | Rita Keszthelyi-Nagy (HUN)

Hungary National Team Player. Club: Mataro. Position: Driver

She remains a shining star in women's water polo. At every stage of playing water polo, she demonstrates dominance and performs at the highest level. Although the Hungarian team did not achieve great results in Fukuoka, her performance was exceptional, surpassing most others in the world.

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Van de Kraats540x540

+5 Pts | Simone van de Kraats (NED)

Dutch National Team Player. Clubs: Mataro. Position: Right winger

After the Netherlands won the WC in Fukuoka, she was unquestionably the most dominant player on the team. She is a lethal shooter from every part of the field, and in recent years, she has also become a dominant player as a defender.