Total Player 2023 by Vaterpolo Vesti

November 18, 2023

Vaterpolo Vesti, a Serbian website, recently celebrated its 11th anniversary.
The portal covers water polo news from all over the world, with a particular emphasis on the events in Serbia, which it covers in great detail. Since the inauguration of the Total Player Award, Vaterpolo Vesti has been a regular member of our Media Jury.

+1 Pts | Felipe Perrone (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Barceloneta. Position: Driver.

Still commands respect and deserves a place among the best of the best with unique intelligence and style of play.

+2 Pts | Alvaro Granados (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position: Driver.

The opportunity to watch Granados live on multiple occasions this season gave us a new insight into the pure talent of a natural-born scorer. His best is yet to come.

+3 Pts | Ben Hallock (USA)

USA National Team player. Club: Pro Recco. Position: Center-forward.

The best center forward in the world this year. Hallock has a big impact in every game, both in Recco and Team USA, playing the best season in his career.

+4 Pts | Nikola Jaksic (SRB)

Serbian National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position: Defender

Jaksic managed to build on his talent and proven defensive quality throughout the season. His versatile offensive play, scoring abilities, and, most importantly, spirit and authority to lead the team as a captain take him to a well-deserved place at the top.

WP 30+ Masters Tournament

The perfect excuse for an unforgettable vacation.


+5 Pts | Gergo Zalanki (HUN)

Hungary National Team Player. Club: Pro Recco. Position: Wing

With accomplishments in all competitions, Zalanki was always deadly in decisive moments. A true "X factor" on the road to trophies, thus the best player.