Total Player 2023 by VLV

November 15, 2023 has been the most respectable Hungarian water polo media for years.
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+1 Pts | Pietro Figlioli (ITA)

Italian Player. Club: Pro Recco/Savona. Position: Attacker.

Pietro is no longer a member of the national team and this year ended his highly successful role in Pro Recco. His inclusion on this list is a kind of tribute from, our humble "lifetime award", an expression of our appreciation for a water polo player who is entering the last stage of a huge career. Then again, maybe this is a big blunder of our editors, because Figlioli continues in Savona, a real leader and goalscorer there too, so his career is far from over...

+2 Pts | Alvaro Granados (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position: Attacker.

He keeps his shape. Every movement he makes is life-threatening, simply unsustainable for the opponent's defenders. Three goals in the winning bronze match of the World Championships and five goals (!) in the final of the Champions League - it was not on him why his team lost.

+3 Pts | Hannes Daube (USA)

USA National Team player. Club: Marseille/Jug. Position: Attacker.

A real Jolly Joker and only 23 years old, but already an international classic. He is a member of the Fukuoka World Championships All-star Team.

+4 Pts | Strahinja Rasovic (SRB)

Serbian National Team Player. Clubs: Novi Beograd/Vasas. Position: Attacker

He has been a member of the topelite for many years, but this year he also improved on his previous performance. The top scorer of the World Championships in Fukuoka. The huge motivation and will to fight that characterizes him should be highlighted - this is accompanied by fantastic technical knowledge. He plays water polo and few people do it more effectively than him.

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+5 Pts | Gergo Zalanki (HUN)

Hungary National Team Player. Club: Pro Recco. Position: Wing

This year, 1st place is out of the question. Gergo Zalanki was the MVP of both the Champions League Round of 16 and the World Championships in Fukuoka. He is the key player of Pro Recco, the best club in the world, he scores extremely, he decides rounds, and there was not even the slightest fluctuation in his form.