Total Player 2023 by Zivko Gocic

November 23, 2023

Zivko Gocic won almost all possible international gold medals during his playing career.

He led Serbia as the captain to the titles at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, etc. In 2018, a year after winning the Champions League and the European Super Cup with Szolnok, he retired to become a head coach in the same club.

As a coach, he clinched the only missing significant trophy in his playing career. He guided Szolnok to the 2021 LEN Euro Cup. In the same season, Gocic became the first non-Hungarian head coach to win the Hungarian championships.

Last year, Gocic took over Novi Beograd and won silver in the Champions League with the Serbian champion.


+1 Pts | Ben Hallock (USA)

USA National Team Player. Club: Pro Recco. Position: Center-forward.

Hallock is a center forward who makes a huge difference both in the clubs’ and international competitions. He was one of the strongest trumps of Pro Recco in winning the Champions League this year.

+2 Pts | Szilard Jansik (HUN)

Hungarian National Team Player. Club: Ferencvaros. Position: Driver.

The power engine of Ferencvaros and the Hungarian national team. A player with great credit for winning Ferencvaros' trophies in the competitions for clubs and gold at the World Championships with Hungary. Irreplaceable in both teams.

+3 Pts | Felipe Perrone (ESP)

Spanish National Player. Club: Barceloneta. Position: Driver.

A "X factor" in Barceloneta and the Spanish national team. This year, he won the national championship and the cup again. Perrone played excellently in the Champions League and led the national team to gold in the World Cup and bronze at the World Championships.

+4 Pts | Alvaro Granados (ESP)

Spanish National Team Player. Club: Novi Beograd. Position: Driver

Granados triumphed in the national championship of Serbia, playing for Novi Beograd, with dominant performances. The top scorer of the Champions League and the MVP of the F8 tournament. He reached gold at the World Cup and bronze at the World Championship, representing Spain, greatly influencing his team's play.

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+5 Pts | Gergo Zalanki (HUN)

Hungarian National Team Player. Club: Pro Recco. Position: Wing

Zalanki won all domestic trophies in Italy, the Champions League with Pro Recco, and the World Championships with the national team. He was one of the most important players in winning all the mentioned trophies!