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November 11, 2017
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November 19, 2017
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Total Player of the Year 2017 – Ivica Tucak TOP 5 – Juror #1

Ivica Tucak Croatia National Coach

Ivica Tucak Foto: EPA

Our first expert Juror is Ivica Tucak, Croatia’s current decorated national coach. He led his team to this year’s spectacular success at the 2017 World Championships in water polo’s epicenter Budapest.

In 2012 coach Tucak inherited Ratko Rudić as head coach of the Croatian Water Polo Team. The first medal under Tucak’s lead was the gold medal at the 2013 Mediterranean Games.

The World Water Polo Championship in Barcelona 2013 was the first prestigious competition as head of the Croatian national team. They won the bronze with no defeats except the loss against Hungary in the semi-finals. What followed were two silver medals from the World Championships in Kazan 2015 and the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. He cemented his place amongst the best coaches in the history of our sport when he managed to grab the gold in Budapest 2017.


Coach Tucak’s Total 5 of 2017

Sandro Sukno

1st – Sandro Sukno

Croatia Team Captain | Club: Pro Recco | Position: Driver

“No words needed, the 2017 world champion team captain and main actor from Budapest 2017.”


Andrija Prlainovic

2nd – Andrija Prlainovic

Serbian National Player | Club: Szolnoki Vízilabda SC | Position: Driver

“This season’s Champions League winner with Szolnok – he strongly enforces every team he plays on, be it club or national team.”


Luka Loncar

3rd – Luka Loncar

Croatian National Player | Club: Jug Dubrovnik | Position: Center Forward

“MVP of the last season’s Regionalna Liga and currently the best center forward in the world. Luka plays a unique center game which is difficult to defend as well as a solid defense.


Denes Varga

4th – Denes Varga

Hungary’s Team Captain | Club: 2016/17 Szolnoki Vízilabda SC, 2017 Ferencvaros | Position: Driver

“Just like Andrija Prlainovic, he played a huge roll in Szolnoks 2017 Champions League title. His unpredictable movement and display of technique and skill make him stand out in every game he plays.”


Ioannis Fountoulis

5th – Ioannis Fountoulis

Greece’s Team Captain | Club: Olympiakos | Position: Driver

“Team captain and driving force behind the Greece national team and his club Olympiakos. His creativity and efficiency create room for his teammates to shine.”

Ivica Tucak is the first Juror in our Total Player Jury – check out who other top coaches and media hubs select as their Top 5 picks for 2017. 
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