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Total Player of the Year 2017 – Ivica Tucak TOP 5 – Juror #1
November 17, 2017
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Total Player of the Year 2017 – Elvis Fatović TOP 5 – Juror #3
November 19, 2017
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Total Player of the Year 2017 – Waterpology TOP 5 – Juror #2

Waterpology Top 5 Picks

International Waterpolo News Hub Waterpology.com marks our second Total Player 2017 Juror.

Waterpology.com is the ultimate resource for all water polo players, coaches, and fans. With authors from around the world, they provide you with all top water polo from Europe, to the Americas, Australia and back.


Waterpology’s Total 5 of 2017

Andrija Prlainovic

1st – Andrija Prlainović

Serbian National Player | Club: Szolnoki Vízilabda SC | Position: Driver

“With Szolnoki he won everything he could: The Champions League, the Hungarian Championship and the Hungarian Cup. He was voted the best player of the Final Six. Serbia’s best player, scorer, and assistant at the World Championships, where they took the bronze. He was also selected  MVP  of the bronze medal match. He won gold in the World League.”

Sandro Sukno

2nd – Sandro Sukno

Croatia Team Captain | Club: Pro Recco | Position: Driver

“Biggest contributor for Croatia’s gold at the World Cup, MVP of the final match. He won his home “double crown” and bronze in the Champions League with Pro Recco (he did not win any medals in the World League, since he did not participate due to injury)”

Marton Vamos

3rd – Márton Vámos

Hungary National Player | Club: 2016/17 Szolnoki Vízilabda SC, 2017 Ferencvaros | Position: Driver

“He won the world silver with Hungary, Hungary’s “double crown” and the Champions League title with Szolnoki. The best player of Budapest 2017 by the media vote .”

Ioannis Fountoulis

4th – Ioannis Fountoulis

Greece’s Team Captain | Club: Olympiakos | Position: Driver

“The best scorer at the World Cup in Budapest 2017 (4th place with Greece). He also won the championship of Greece and placed 6th in the Champions League with Olympiakos. ”

Krisztián Manhercz

5th – Krisztián Manhercz

Hungary National Player | Club: 2016/17 Szeged  2017 Ferencvaros | Position: Wing

“Silver with Hungary at the senior World Cup, the best player and scorer at the Junior World Championship in Belgrade. In most of the matches, he is a member of the starting seven and one of Hungary’s most important players in the Senorial World Cup.”

Thanks to Waterpology.com for their insights into their personal Top 5 picks of the season – make sure to check back for Australia’s National Coach Elvis Fatovic‘s picks tomorrow! 
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