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October 24, 2021

Marseille defeats Pays d’Aix after great comeback; thriller in Reims

The French League has continued after a three-week break. The games of the fourth round were on the schedule this weekend. A highlight of the round […]
October 3, 2021

First points for Pays d’Aix and Nice; France has new head coach

Only three games have been played in France this weekend. Two games have been postponed because Strasbourg and Tourcoing have played in the LEN Euro Cup. […]
September 18, 2021

Noisy-le-Sec earns win in high-scoring derby

Visiting games recorded wins in all five games of the second round of the French League. The most exciting matches were derby games played in Aix-en-Provence […]
September 12, 2021

Tourcoing defeats Pays d’Aix in flood of goals

The 126th edition of the French water polo Championship has started this weekend. Ten teams play in the league, and the most exciting match of Day […]
May 22, 2021

Marseille celebrates 100th birthday and 38th title

The 122nd edition of the French Water Polo Championship ended with no surprise. Marseille, the heavy favorite, won the 38th title of the national champion. Marseille, […]
May 20, 2021

Flood of goals in first final in France, no decision

The first match of the finals of the French League ended with no winner. In a flood of goals, Noisy-le-Sec and Marseille shared the points – […]
May 16, 2021

Noisy-le-Sec reaches final for first time in history; Tourcoing secures LEN Euro Cup

Marseille and Noisy-le-Sec qualified for the final of the playoffs of the French League. Marseille convincingly defeated Montpellier in both games of the semifinals. Noisy-le-Sec lost […]
May 13, 2021

Marseille and Noisy are heading towards final

Marseille and Noisy-le-Sec are heading towards the final of the French League playoffs. Marseille recorded a convincing away win over Montpellier (15:7) in the first semifinal […]
May 9, 2021

Noisy-le-Sec advances to semis with ease; Montpellier ousts Pays d’Aix

Noisy-le-Sec and Montpellier qualified for the semifinals of the playoffs of the French Championship. Noisy defeated Tourcoing in both quarterfinal matches, while the other quarterfinal encounter […]
May 5, 2021

Montpellier and Noisy open French playoffs with wins

Noisy-le-Sec earned an away win over Tourcoing, while Montpellier beat Pays d’Aix at home in the first matches of the quarterfinals of the playoffs of the […]
April 25, 2021

Noisy-le-Sec finishes regular season in 3rd place

The last round of the regular season has been held in France this weekend. The games which were on the last day’s schedule determined classification 3rd […]
April 18, 2021

Last-gasp goal and Sete send Strasbourg into semifinals

A thrilling derby match between Tourcoing and Strasbourg, which was ended with no winner,(14:14) was the highlight of the 21st round of the French League. The […]
April 11, 2021

Pays d’Aix and Strasbourg earn valuable points to continue neck and neck race

Strasbourg and Pays d’Aix narrowly defeated their respective rivals in derby games of the 20th round of the French League. Strasbourg earned three points in the […]
April 4, 2021

Great weekend for Marseille: Two big wins in two days

Several derbies have been played in the French League in the last few days. Marseille emerged as the winner of the week. The league leader recorded […]
March 28, 2021

Pays d’Aix moves closer to 2nd place; Marseille continues unbeaten run

Pays d’Aix is the winner of the week in the French Championship. The team from Aix-en-Provence recorded two away wins. Firstly, Pays d’Aix edged out Noisy-le-Sec […]
March 20, 2021

Goalkeeper secures point for Douai in northern derby; Noisy and Pays d’Aix win easily

The 18th round of the French League didn’t lack excitement. The most thrilling match of the day was an encounter between the clubs that are based […]
March 13, 2021

Last-gasp goal secures three points for Pays d’Aix; no winner in Montpellier

Two encounters between the clubs that are in the hunt for spots in the playoffs were the most exciting matches of the 17th round of the […]
March 10, 2021

Thriller in Nice; Sete halts Noisy-le-Sec

A regular round of the national league hasn’t been held in France in the last seven days because four French clubs have played matches in the […]
February 28, 2021

Hard battle in Reims; Marseille extends winning streak

Only three games of the French League have been played this week because three clubs (Strasbourg, Tourcoing, Pays d’Aix)took part in the LEN Euro Cup yesterday. […]
January 24, 2021

Marseille beats Tourcoing to maintain perfect record; Douai climbs to 6th place

Marseille, the French League leader, opened the new year with a win in the derby match of the 14th round. Marseille defeated Tourcoing 10:7 and kept […]
January 17, 2021

Derby postponed; Sete holds off Montpellier

A four-week break in the French League has been over and the League has been continued. But, a derby of the 13th round has been put […]
December 20, 2020

Tourcoing wins in thriller in Sete; Pays d’Aix doesn’t come to Montpellier

Three games were on the schedule of the French League this weekend. But only two matches were held. Tourcoing edged out Sete, while Nice beat Bordeaux. […]
December 12, 2020

Strasbourg defeats Tourcoing after magnificent comeback

A big derby Strasbourg vs. Tourcoing was in the spotlight of French water polo this weekend. Both teams had ups and downs. After an incredible comeback, […]
December 9, 2020

Tourcoing catches up to Pays d’Aix

The ninth round of the French League was completed by a derby Tourcoing – Pays d’Aix. The encounter between the teams which were successful in the […]
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