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November 29, 2019

Total Player 2019 by Dejan Stanojevic

Dejan Stanojević, the head coach of the national team of Kazakhstan, joined the Total Player Expert Jury this year. Stanojević, who played water polo for Vojvodina […]
November 12, 2019

Total Player 2019 by Yoji Omoto

Japanese water polo has developed in the last few years. Yoji Omoto, the head coach of the Japanese National Team, achieved international success with the Men’s […]
December 16, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Sandro Sukno

Last year he got the Total Player Award and now he’s voting for the player of the year. Today is the day to welcome Sandro Sukno […]
December 14, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Sergey Yevstigneyev

Sergey Yevstigneyev, the former Russian national player and current head coach, joins the Total Player again this year. Back in the 90s, when Yevstigneyev’s playing career was […]
December 11, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Ruswaterpolo

Today in the Total Player Award, we’re welcoming Ruswaterpolo – a Russian water polo web portal. Their work mainly focuses on the regional leagues, as well […]
December 10, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Elvis Fatović

The head coach of the Australian Men’s National Team, as well as one of the most important figures in Croatian water polo – Elvis Fatović – […]
December 6, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Vladimir Gojković

Vladimir Gojković joins the Total Player Award for the second time. This year, the head coach of Montenegro brings some new players on the table, along […]
December 2, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Yoji Omoto

In the past few years, we had a chance to witness Japan’s uprising in the water polo world. Yoji Omoto, the head coach of the Japanese […]
November 28, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Chus Martín

Chus Martín has been with Barceloneta for a long time and his success with the club is above expectations. He’s been leading his team to continue […]
November 26, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Petar Porobić

The Total Player 2018 Male Category continues with Petar Porobić — the ex-player from Montenegro who found his place as the coach of the China Men’s National […]
November 25, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Alessandro Campagna

The Olympics in ’92, World Championships in ’94, and European Championships in ’93. These are the gold medals Alessandro Campagna received in his playing career, among […]
November 23, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Aquafeed24

The next portal to give its professional opinion is Aquafeed24! Focused on a broad spectrum of water sports, the Greek portal excels in water polo – […]
November 22, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Robin van Galen

We continue our Total Player Award with a man who found himself between high interest and raising the quality of Dutch water polo. Robin van Galen […]
November 20, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Nenad Vukanić

Nenad Vukanić started his career as a player in the Montenegrin club Primorac and continued to build his career through many other teams. He’s been collecting titles […]
November 19, 2018

Total Player 2018 by Hagen Stamm

Hagen Stamm is the second Juror for the male category of The Total Player 2018 Award. The former German player and current head coach is considered one […]
July 8, 2017

Andrija Prlainović: Hungary vs. Serbia would be a spectacular final!

If we were to use boxing terminology, Andrija Prlainović would be called the Undisputed Water polo Champion of the World! He is the current winner of […]