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January 5, 2020

Four Nations Cup: Hungary finishes atop

Hungary took the winning trophy at the “Four Nations Cup”, that was finished in Cuneo (Italy) today. In the last match, Hungary and Italy shared the […]
January 4, 2020

Hungary and Italy to battle for trophy in Cuneo

Favorites recorded wins on Day 2 of the Four Nations Cup in Cuneo. Host Italy defeated the Team USA 10:8 in a very exciting game, while […]
January 3, 2020

Four Nations Cup: Successful opening day for Hungary and Italy

This weekend, Italy, Hungary and Greece are having their final tests in the preparations for the European Championships (Budapest, January 12th – 16th). The three teams […]
December 1, 2019

PVSK secures point thanks to spectacular comeback

The first part of the Hungarian championship has been finished this weekend. The matches of the 9th round were played. The league will be continued in […]
March 7, 2019

OSC and FTC Continue the Momentum, PVSK and Tatabanya Win at Home – Hungarian Water Polo

Round two of the midseason saw Ferencvaros and Miskolc surprise the Upper Stage, while the Lower Stage teams started getting tight in the mid-ranks. Lower Stage […]
February 4, 2019

Japan and Hungary Negotiate about Future Opportunities and Cooperation

Attila Vári, the President of the Hungarian Water Polo Association and Zoltán Kovács, the Presidential Counselor, negotiated with the Japanese delegation led by the Shinagawa Masato […]
November 12, 2018

Ferencvaros Dominates Group A, OSC Becomes The Top-Runner — Hungarian Water Polo

In the second round of Hungarian Championship, Group A had finally seen the giants Ferencvaros and BVSC clash in the pool. The white-greens celebrated with 14:6. In […]
November 8, 2018

Szolnoki and Eger Dominating The Fourth Leg of The Hungarian League

As the groups’ standings slowly profile in the Hungarian Water Polo League, the best eight teams become the best six. See what the fourth leg brought […]
November 1, 2018

Balance Has Come to The Third Leg of The Hungarian League

A series of high-grade matches were played yesterday in Hungary. There were entertaining games in both groups, resulting in a more balanced standing on the top-end of […]
October 29, 2018

Hungarian BENU Cup — The Best Eight Confirmed

Last weekend was a decisive one for the Hungarian BENU Cup. The teams that made it to the next round are OSC, BVSC, Szolnok, Honvéd, Eger, Debrecen, […]
October 22, 2018

Hungarian Water Polo – The End of The Second Leg

It was a busy weekend for the players in the Hungarian Water Polo League. Apart from the expected action, there were a lot of goals and […]
October 1, 2018

Attila Vári Is the New President of the Hungarian Water Polo Association

Dr. Kemény Dénest got replaced by the two-time Olympic champion An Extraordinary Meeting of the Hungarian Waterloo Association was held on Sunday in the conference hall […]
May 29, 2018

Dénes Kemény Announced His Resignation

With a busy schedule waiting for Hungarian water polo players, an unexpected news come directly from the president of the Hungarian Water Polo Association. In an extensive […]
May 27, 2018

FTC Is Back on Hungarian Throne after 18 Years!

The news about the Hungarian finals come from Zsolt Varga’s team defeat Szolnok 8:7 in the deciding fifth leg of their E.ON Men’s Championship final […]
May 24, 2018

Magical Szolnoki Defense — Fifth Match Will Decide the Champion

Yesterday, Szolnok and FTC played the fourth match of the Hungarian men’s water polo finals. With the previous score of 2:1, Szolnok managed to outplay FTC, […]
May 20, 2018

Hungarian Water Polo — Szolnok is Back in The Game!

In the third match of the Hungarian Finals, FTC failed to secure its title as a champion. With the former score of 2:0, FTC would win […]
April 26, 2018

Magyar Technical Committee Meets Before the FINA Congress, Brings News Suggestions reports the latest news from Budapest. At the FINA Congress in Budapest (held from Thursday to Saturday), the Technical Committee of the Organization met. Hungarian […]
April 17, 2018

Millennium Masters Team To Jump Back In The Water

The legends of water polo are meeting in the Duna Aréna on the 31st of July, 2018, says the announcement from Hungary’s famous Olympic water polo […]
December 15, 2017

Total Player of the Year 2017 – Ratko Rudić’s TOP 5 – Juror #21

Ratko Rudić– a man that needs no introduction in the world of water polo. He is many things – former athlete and Olympian, ISHOF member, former […]
December 14, 2017

Total Player of the Year 2017 – Tamás Märcz’s TOP 5 – Juror #20

Tamás Märcz can look back at a very extensive and variable career as a player. Playing competitive water polo for over two decades, he was able […]
November 24, 2017

Total Player of the Year 2017 – TOP 5 – Juror #5 is the Hungarian news portal for men’s water polo. It was founded in 2007 at the initiative of former captain Dénes  Kemény. It is currently […]
October 21, 2017

Preseason Brief #4: Hungary’s Országos Bajnokság 1 with Márton Vámos

Official 2017 Budapest World Championship MVP Márton Vámos takes us into Hungary’s national water polo league – the Országos Bajnokság 1. A few legs into the […]