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April 12, 2021

Waspo 98 and OSC Potsdam in semis; Spandau and Duisburg on right track

Reigning champion Waspo Hannover and OSC Potsdam qualified for the semifinals of the 100th edition of the German League. It’s most likely that Spandau 04 and […]
March 21, 2021

German Championship finally started, but corona case stops Spandau

The German league has finally started this weekend, but a few matches have been postponed. Spandau 04, the most decorated German club, wasn’t able to play […]
March 10, 2021

Waspo Hannover in quarantine, German Super Cup postponed

The match for the German Super Cup between Waspo 98 Hannover and Spandau 04, which was supposed to take place on March 13, has been postponed. […]
October 25, 2020

German League postponed, possible restart next year

The start of the German League is postponed until further notice, the swimming federation of this country (DSV) decided after the consultation with the clubs. The […]
September 27, 2020

Spandau 04 clinches its 31st German Cup

Spandau 04 won the German Cup for the season 2019/20. The Final Four has been finished today in Berlin. In the final match, Spandau defeated its […]
September 26, 2020

German Cup: Spandau and Waspo, as usual

Games of national cups have been played in several European countries this weekend. Among them is Germany. Unlike Hungary and Italy, which opened the new season […]
September 9, 2020

Waspo Hannover is German champion!

Waspo 98 Hannover is a new German champion. Hannover defeated Spandau 04 – 11:9 In the fourth match of the playoffs finals,  and won the trophy […]
September 6, 2020

Spandau 04 comes back and keeps hopes alive

Spandau 04 extended the final series of the German League playoffs. Spandau defeated Waspo Hannover in the third match of the series – 12:9 and kept […]
September 5, 2020

Battle for German crown: Waspo leads 2:0

Waspo 98 Hannover made a big step towards the title of the German champion. Waspo defeated Spandau 04 9:6 in the second match of the playoffs […]
September 2, 2020

Waspo Hannover opens final series with win

Waspo Hannover earned a 1:0 lead in the final series of the German League. Waspo was the host in the first match, played in the outdoor […]
September 2, 2020

Livestream: WASPO 98 – Spandau04 FINAL GAME#1

Livestream: WASPO 98 – Spandau04 FINAL GAME#1
August 30, 2020

Spandau and Waspo reach German League final easily

The second leg of the semifinals of the German League offered the expected storyline. Waspo Hannover and Spandau 04 beat their respective rivals with ease and […]
August 28, 2020

Favorites win convincingly at start of semifinals

Spandau 04 and Waspo Hannover easily passed over their first hurdles in the semifinals of the playoffs of the German League. Waspo Hannover had no mercy […]
August 25, 2020

Spandau secures pole position before semifinals

Reigning German champion Spandau 04 secured the „pole position“ before the start of the semifinals of the national championships. Today, two best German clubs –Spandau 04 […]
August 23, 2020

White Sharks and OSC Potsdam reach semifinals

The Germans didn’t give up. They will finish their national league. The 2019/20 national championship has been continued after a 20-week break, caused by the pandemic. […]
August 3, 2020

Restart of 2019/20 German league in late August

The German water polo league 2019/20 won’t be finished without a battle for the title in the pools.. The league will be continued late in August, […]
June 24, 2020

Predrag Jokic prepares to become Waspo Hannover head coach

Waspo 98 Hannover, the host of the 2021 Champions League Final Eight, held the first training session in its “home” – the Volksbad Limmer pool after […]
February 10, 2020

Waspo Hannover scores 39 goals in two days

Last weekend, only three games of the German League were held, but this was a busy weekend, as the German Cup was continued with the quarterfinals. […]
February 3, 2020

Favorites win with ease, thriller in Duisburg

The best two German clubs Spandau 04 and Waspo 98 Hannover beat their respective rivals with ease in the 10th round of the national championship. Hannover […]
December 9, 2019

Successful weekend for OSC Potsdam and White Sharks

Another busy weekend is behind German clubs. Eight matches were played on Saturday and Sunday. Champions League clubs Spandau 04 and Waspo Hannover beat their respective […]
November 25, 2019

Spandau extends perfect record to 7-0

Last weekend, four games of the German league was played – three matches of the 6th and one in the 7th round. Spandau 04, the reigning […]
November 4, 2019

Busy weekend in Germany: Spandau wins in Duisburg

German clubs had a busy weekend. Two rounds of the national championship were played on Saturday and Sunday. Visiting teams collected points in almost every match. […]
October 28, 2019

Spandau defeats Hannover in flood of goals

The clash of two best German teams, Waspo Hannover and Spandau 04, highlighted the 2nd round of the national championships. The derby offered a lot of […]
October 3, 2019

Hannover wins German Super Cup after penalty shootout

Waspo 98 Hannover won the German Super Cup. The match for the trophy was played in Berlin today. The team from Hannover, which clinched the national […]
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